3 Ways to Support a Family Member with Depression

You’re here to understand how you can support a family member struggling with depression. You may not be well versed in understanding what depression is. It may be difficult for you to understand what your family member is currently going through. Nonetheless, you want to see how you can support them.

Depression can be extremely fatiguing and difficult to struggle with on a daily basis. You may notice your family members isolating themselves in their room more. Maybe they are keeping to themselves and not speaking with others as much. They may be struggling to eat proper meals, get out of bed, or take showers.

You know you want to see how you can support them through this. And let them know that they are not alone. Doing little things for them, such as checking in and reminding them that they are loved, can mean more than you know. 

Here are 3 ways you can support a family member with depression. The first way is to educate yourself on what depression is. If you don’t struggle with it, it can be hard to empathize with them about their struggles. The second way is to encourage them to share their feelings – and actively listen. Show them that you are here for them, and that you hear them. Finally, help them seek out professional help. While it’s great for them to have a support system, it’s important they seek out professional help to address their depression.

Consider talking to your family member about seeking therapy for depression in Simi Valley. It can be difficult to make the first call, but it may be easier with you by their side.

3 Ways to Support a Family Member with Depression: Educate yourself on what depression is.

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If you do not struggle with depression yourself, it may be difficult to empathize with your family member. You may not know what it feels like to struggle with depression. It can be hard to understand just how fatigued, defeated, and sad someone can be.

However, it’s important that you educate yourself on what depression is. How does depression occur? It can be genetic or a life event can cause someone to experience depression. Maybe there is a family history of depression, or recently, something significant has happened to your family member.

What are symptoms of depression, what are some signs for you to look out for? Whether it be isolation and withdrawing, having a difficult time getting out of bed, or losing interest in activities they once used to love. Maybe it’s been difficult for them to start work or school. 

Understand what depression looks like for your family member. What do they experience on a regular basis? Ask them to share with you what thoughts flow through their mind. What is difficult for them on a daily basis, and what are they wanting to improve? 

By educating yourself on all aspects of depression, as well as your family member’s personal experience, you can better help them. Also, you can better understand them and what they are going through as well.

Depression therapy in Simi Valley, Ca is available in-person as well as online!

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3 Ways to Support a Family Member with Depression: Encourage them to share their feelings – and actively listen. 

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It can be difficult for individuals struggling with depression to speak about their experience. They may feel bad about themselves, experiencing shame, guilt, or feeling like a burden overall. Your family member may isolate themselves and withdraw from seeing or speaking with you due to this.

Another thing that’s important to remember is that talking about their depression won’t just be one conversation. Continue to show them that you care about them. By checking in on them frequently, they will know that they are not going through this alone.

Encourage them to share their feelings. What is going on in their mind lately? What are some current internal battles they are facing? Do they have any negative thoughts, such as “I’m worthless”, that you are able to comment on? Such as by saying, “You are worth so much to me, and everyone who loves you”. 

Actively listen to them as well. This includes having no distractions while they are sharing their feelings, such as being on the phone or watching TV. Let them know that their feelings matter and they deserve to be heard and understood. By expressing your concern and willingness to listen, they know that they have help available to them.

Depression treatment in Simi Valley, Ca provides a safe space for your family member to process difficult emotions and feelings.

3 Ways to Support a Family Member with Depression: Help them seek professional help

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Although it’s great for you to support them, you should not be the sole supporter. It’s important that your family member seeks out professional help for their depression. You want your family member to develop coping mechanisms and skill sets to cope with their depression on a regular basis.

While it is crucial for them to have a supportive network, it’s also crucial that they do not rely solely on that network. Depression therapy with a therapist is a great way to properly address what has been going on with your family member lately.

Therapists are skilled in diagnosing and treating depression. By using varying therapeutic modalities, the depression therapist can understand the best treatment to provide to your family member. There are also support groups available for individuals struggling with depression.

Support groups may meet on a regular basis, such as weekly. These groups can provide a sense of community and support for your family member, to remind them that they are not alone and have multiple resources available for them. 

Being able to be surrounded by people they can vent to, that can relate to them, will help provide support. Support groups are available to people to share their stories and experiences while listening to other stories and experiences.

Consider reaching out to Simi Psychological Group today to inquire about depression therapy in Simi Valley! Our therapists have a passion and expertise in working with depression. Call us for a free phone consultation to hear more about our group.

Depression therapy in Simi Valley, Ca provides your family members with effective coping mechanisms and skill sets to cope with depression.

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