3 Reasons Why Online Teen Therapy Really Works

You’re here to understand reasons why online teen therapy works. With the pandemic restricting teens to virtual-only..everything, it can make sense why you are not interested in it. 

It can especially make sense why your teen is not interested in online therapy. Online schooling was difficult and stressful for them, so doing any other commitment online can seem unattractive.

It’s understandable how in-person therapy is in high demand these days. There is an urge to go out and attend therapy in a personal setting. It could be that maybe you have a bustling household, and your teen doesn’t have much privacy. That’s a valid reason to want to do in-person therapy.

However, there are 3 reasons why online teen therapy actually works! As long as your teen has a safe, private location where they cannot be interrupted, online therapy would be a great option for them. Online therapy works around their busy schedule. They can also remain in the comfort of their room, staying in their pajamas for example! Finally, online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy.

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Along with your teen having a safe space to explore their emotions and situations, parents are also involved in teen therapy. Our teen therapists believe in a family-oriented approach, where we understand the family dynamic. We provide parents with tools to improve parenting skills and communication with their teens.

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Teen therapy in Simi Valley not only supports the teen, but works with the entire family unit as a whole to create real, lasting change.

3 Reasons Why Online Teen Therapy Works: It works around their busy schedule

boy posing as teen having online therapy for anxiety and depression

It could be that your teen is juggling school, after-school activities like sports or theater, and maybe even a job. You know that your teen goes to school for the day, and afterwards has a few obligations to attend to. It can be difficult to work around their busy schedule.

Online teen therapy is very convenient for these reasons. It’s possible that you would need to consider commute time to and from the office or school. Maybe the office is the opposite direction of where your home is, and it would be too much back and forth to drive home and then to therapy.

Depending on the day of the week, your teen would have more or less responsibility. It could be that their busy days are Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. However, they have siblings that also have contrasting schedules. One child has sports, one child has dance, etcetera. 

If your teen is depending on you to drive them to the office, that can be tricky to work around your busy schedule as well! Online teen therapy is convenient in the way that they can access it the moment they are free from their obligations.

Teens don’t have to feel rushed going to multiple different activities back to back. It can be overwhelming if they don’t get downtime in for themselves, to relax and recuperate. Teen therapists have availability at their convenience!

We know that teens’ schedules can get pretty busy. Online teen therapy is a great way to incorporate mental health care, as it can be flexible around their availability!

3 Reasons Why Online Teen Therapy Works: They can remain in the comfort of their room 

boy posing as teen holding online teen therapy session from his room

Sometimes, teens don’t want to get dressed and leave their room. It could be that your teen struggles with depression and finds it hard to get out of bed. Maybe they have anxiety and get nervous, overthinking going out in public.

Online teen therapy allows for teens to remain in the comfort of their room. They need a quiet, independent space to hold these sessions. It’s important that they receive the utmost privacy while they are in session. This way, they are comfortable being vulnerable with what’s going on. 

It can be difficult to get your teen out of the house. Maybe they are struggling with depression, and it’s difficult for them to be able to get ready for the day. Getting out of bed, taking a shower, and changing their outfit may take a lot of energy. 

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They may be struggling with anxiety, and feel nervous to leave the house and go out in public. Driving to the office may be a challenge for them, or going somewhere independently in public. It could be that they have a fear of any peers seeing them out and about.

Whatever the concern may be, your teen knows they can be themselves and vulnerable from the comfort of their home! They can stay in their pajamas and comfy clothes. They can snack on their favorite foods, and have a hot mug of tea or coffee by their side. 

Teen therapy in Simi Valley, Ca helps teens learn how to express their feelings in healthy ways!

3 Reasons Why Online Teen Therapy Works: Online therapy is just as effective as in-person

girl posing as teen holding anxiety therapy in Simi Valley, ca session online

Contrary to popular belief, online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy. It makes sense why you would want to do in-person sessions. Maybe your teen also solely wants to do in-person sessions. There are pros and cons to both in-person or online therapy.

In instances where your teen would not have a private, quiet space to hold therapy sessions, it makes sense to do in-person. Maybe they do not have reliable WiFi or a computer or tablet they can hold sessions from, too. In this case, in-person therapy is a great option for them!

However, if your teen does have a private, quiet space as well as a reliable device and WiFi, online therapy can work great for them. They are still able to meet with their therapist face to face, and have conversations with one another. The therapist and your teen can still read each other’s facial expressions, body language, and be able to create real change.

Teens are still 100% able to talk through difficult emotions, process past traumas, and increase self awareness through online therapy. The therapist is able to help provide them with skill sets, coping techniques, and actively listen to them for the entire session.

If you are still contemplating getting started in online therapy, you can request to speak with one of our online therapists directly. We want to make sure that our clients feel comfortable and confident moving forward in session with us. Our online therapists are more than happy to schedule a time to speak with you about how they are successful in their therapy with their clients.

Teen therapy in Simi Valley, Ca is a great way to provide your teen with a safe space to be vulnerable.

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