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Women’s Supoort Group

As we enter adulthood, we may feel as though our anxiety has become unmanageable, intolerable and challenging. Anxiety is a lonely feeling. Uncertainty is viewed as a weakness and met with shame. However, anxiety is one of the most common human experiences.

If left untreated, anxiety can build this idea in our mind that we are powerless against our thoughts. Excessive worrying, irrational thoughts, difficulty slowing down, can be a good indicator that you lack the proper tools to combat your anxiety.

Anxiety does not have to be in the driver’s seat. When we understand and learn to control our anxiety, it acts more like the GPS giving us informational cues to guide us to our desired destination. This group is designed to help you, and the other members feel a sense of understanding and connection through the uncertainties in life. The group will assist in increasing self-awareness, learn healthy coping tools and create a safe space for you to connect with other individuals struggling with similar challenges.

If you identify as a female and you share in this experience, then come to a supportive, non-judgmental environment, surrounded by other strong and competent women all who share in the desire to empower other women and support ourselves in having fulfilling, vibrant, and successful lives.

Given how the world seems to be changing constantly, it is not unusual to feel an increase in uncertainty about the future. This group will challenge you to identify the areas in your life that you do have control in versus the parts in our life we are lacking control, all while relating to the members of this group to help normalize anxiety. This group will encourage you to increase your confidence in managing anxiety and feel prepared while dealing with the challenges life throws your way.

What to expect in our Women’s Support Group

  • You will feel challenged to focus on areas of your life you DO have control over
  • We will work on building your inner confidence so that you can TRUST YOU
  • You will grow in a supportive, non-judgmental environment
  • The group will offer concrete tools to support you in your life goals
  • Mindfulness, CBT, and support will be provided to reduce your anxiety and help you thrive

Women’s Support Group Facilitators

psychologist Simi Valley ca

Nvard Mkrtchyan, LMFT

I am passionate about empowering women to work through the difficulties they face and come out stronger and more confident as a result. I value creating a supportive and validating experience for my clients, which allows for vulnerability and growth. 

Kaidi Liu, LMFT

I believe group therapy can be a powerful journey toward self-discovery. I offer support and empathy to guide my clients toward discovering their true potential.

I’m interested. What’s next?

We are here to support you in deciding if group therapy is the right path for you. We offer a free, no pressure meeting. It is our goal that at the end of the group screening, you will be able to decide if this is the right group for you. You will speak with Dr. John Danial, clinical director and group coordinator at SPG.

During the group screening, Dr. Danial or the group therapy leader will get to know you a bit and share about the group and our group therapy program. He will answer any questions you may have and explore your goals for the group. Reach out today for a free no obligation screening at (805) 842-1994 Ext 3 or [email protected].


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Well, we’re here to support you in Simi Valley.

Simi Psychological Group was founded to serve a great need in the Simi Valley community. As we’ve spent time in this town and gotten to know it’s residents we have recognized that it’s a really tight-knit community. We know how dedicated the people who live here are to building one another up and helping their community grow.
And in the process, we’ve also seen a lot of families who are under stress. Who feel pressures in their lives to meet high standards. And sometimes this pressure keeps them from feeling like they are in charge of the direction of their lives.

Change is possible. You and your family can see things from a new perspective, learn to trust yourselves, and experience long-lasting change that each of you has control over.

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Ultimately, a happy, more purposeful life comes when you and the people you love can take ownership over your own life’s story and follow a path full of meaning.

You’re ready to create real change and Simi Psychological Group is ready to help.