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Create Real Change

Helping you and your family live the lives you want and deserve.

When you look at your family, you can’t help but feel a bit burnt out.

If it’s not a call from your child’s school or coming home to a withdrawn teenager, it’s missing the gym again and having to deal with everything at home.

You know that you and your family are capable of more. That each of you has dreams and passions inside you that are within your grasp. But you also know that life feels a bit like an obstacle course, and working hard to get through the maze is keeping all of you from being the people you want to be.


Like you’re not able to keep your own life on course let alone those of the ones you love.

It’s incredibly frustrating to know you, your child, or your family is on the wrong path. Even though you’re invested in bringing about real transformation in you and your family’s lives, you’re still not sure how to make the changes that are going to help you find direction.


Our Simi Valley Therapy practice team of therapists and psychologists offering child therapy, teen therapy, marriage counseling, anxiety treatment, depression therapy, and psychological testing near Thousand Oaks, Ca

Our Mission

At Simi Psychological Group, our mission is to reach the true root of your struggles so you can create real lasting change in you and your family’s lives. We know you have full control to live the life you want and deserve, which will then ripple into our community and the world.

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Psychological testing page for psychological evaluation for ADHD test, gifted testing, and dyslexia in Simi Valley, CA


You're looking for answers to better understand your child and the struggles they face.

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Helping you and your family live the lives you want and deserve. Now Online!

Workshops at Simi Psychological Group in Simi Valley, Ca


Helping you and your family build your toolbox to better navigate life stressors and thrive.

Next Steps for Therapy in Simi Valley

We also serve Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Northridge, Porter Ranch, and the surrounding communities.

In addition, we offer online therapy in Los Angeles, Ventura County and throughout California.

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Intake coordinator and practice manager

I highly recommend the therapists

At Simi Psychological Group. They really know how to help the clients they work with! They were very welcoming and made the entire experience comfortable!

Simi Psychological group is a wonderful practice

They really care about the families they work with. The therapists are warm, supportive, and very knowledgeable!

Amazing Psychologist

Dr. Danial is an amazing psychologist. He is so kind, caring and really connects with his patients. He is very sensitive to the needs of parents as well. He is very gentle in his approach, but yet is effective, and truly has a natural ability to connect with children.

Excellent organization with very personable and competent clinicians

The Simi Psychological Group is an excellent organization with very personable and competent clinicians. They quickly return calls and work to meet the clients needs as best they can. It definitely gives me peace of mind to refer clients here. Very highly recommend them.

Dr. Becerra is authentic and empathetic and truly cares about helping others

Dr. Becerra is personable and she is very knowledgeable about relationship issues too. She is compassionate, kind and easy to talk to…especially to those who are in need of support and healing. 

Professional, educated, trustworthy, non-judgemental, ideal "devil's advocate", understanding and kind.

About gave up on ever receiving proper cognitive (talk) therapy within 50 miles and 5 years ago was referred to this new office. Thank you Dr. Novak & Dr. Danial. Good cognitive therapy during difficult times is better than taking a pill or going for a walk!

Adam has a natural ability to build genuine connections with his clients.

He’s professional yet personable and always creates a safe and inviting environment. I would highly recommend Adam if you’re looking for a kind and compassionate clinician who is dedicated to helping his clients accomplish their goals.

I've had such a warm experience working with the therapists at Simi Psychological group.

I recommend this group for anyone looking to get some real and valuable support and growth!

Nvard is an incredibly kind and welcoming therapist.

I’ve known her for several years and her empathic nature is truly empowering. She’s helped guide me through difficult challenges and to that I’m always grateful. Nvard is a great friend, coworker, advocate and clinician. I look forward to seeing her blossom and continually help everyone around her grow. Thank you!!

I appreciate everything they have done for me, and will be forever grateful to this group of people.

My therapists from Simi Psychological Group have given me the guidance that I need to literally change my life. I appreciate everything they have done for me, and will be forever grateful to this group of people.

I am healthier

I am healthier, and this journey into the next phase of my life will be manageable thanks to therapy.

They are really the best in the area!

My experience with Simi Psychological Group has been nothing short of great! The professional staff managed by Dr. Novak and her team assisted one of our family members through a very difficult time in their lives. At first, we were a bit concerned that they were out of network but they are well worth it! They were caring, compassionate and most importantly professional throughout every step of the way. They are really the best in the area!

Adam was amazing with my 5 year old son who had social anxiety

Adam was amazing with my 5 year old son who had social anxiety. Within a few sessions my son was a different child. He went from being so shy and timid to easily separating from my husband and I. He made friends in school and was able to deal with his anxiety with the tools Adam provided him. I can’t say enough great things. I am forever grateful.

I would truly recommend this Business and Courtney to anyone.

My son had the opportunity to work with Courtney Reddick as a Therapist and we were absolutely impressed with her, she has the ability to make you feel comfortable and safe and has helped my son tremendously. Her knowledge is impeccable, her spirit is just what we needed to help us. I would truly recommend this Business and Courtney to anyone.

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