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Create Real Change

Helping you and your family live the lives you want and deserve.

When you look at your family, you can’t help but feel a bit burnt out.

If it’s not a call from your child’s school or coming home to a withdrawn teenager, it’s missing the gym again and having to deal with everything at home.

You know that you and your family are capable of more. That each of you has dreams and passions inside you that are within your grasp. But you also know that life feels a bit like an obstacle course, and working hard to get through the maze is keeping all of you from being the people you want to be.


Like you’re not able to keep your own life on course let alone those of the ones you love.

It’s incredibly frustrating to know you, your child, or your family is on the wrong path. Even though you’re invested in bringing about real transformation in you and your family’s lives, you’re still not sure how to make the changes that are going to help you find direction.


Our Simi Valley Therapy practice team of therapists and psychologists offering child therapy, teen therapy, marriage counseling, anxiety treatment, depression therapy, and psychological testing near Thousand Oaks, Ca

At Simi Psychological Group, our mission is to reach the true root of your struggles so you can create real lasting change in you and your family’s lives. We know you have full control to live the life you want and deserve, which will then ripple into our community and the world.

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5 Step Checklist for Panic Attacks

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Download our How to Stop 1-Upping Your Partner in an Argument

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Helping you and your family live the lives you want and deserve. Now Online!

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Helping you and your family build your toolbox to better navigate life stressors and thrive.

Next Steps for Therapy in Simi Valley

We also serve Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Northridge, Porter Ranch, and the surrounding communities.

In addition, we offer online therapy in Los Angeles, Ventura County and throughout California.

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Ventura County Psychologist offering anxiety treatment, depression therapy, sex therapy, and marriage counseling Thousand Oaks, Ca

Donna Novak, Psy.D.

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist who empowers people to work through the roadblocks that are holding them back and find meaning and purpose in their lives.

Therapist in Simi Valley, Ca offering child therapy, teen therapy, anxiety therapy, and family counseling

Reena Becerra, Ph.D.

I believe that through self-compassion, inspiration and hope it is possible for anyone to reach their deepest and truest goals.

Child psychologist near Thousand Oaks, Ca about page offering neuropsychological testing, child therapy, christian therapy and more

John Danial, PH.D.

I’m a licensed psychologist who encourages children, teens, and families to take the steps and make the changes they need to see real, lasting change in their lives.

She displays the utmost respect, care and dedication to her clients

I have known Dr. Novak for over 9 years and I can confidently say that she is an exceptional clinician. Her compassionate, understanding, and supportive approach coupled with her extensive knowledge of ethics and empirically validated interventions make her a great psychologist. She is driven to help her clients reach their goals so as to have fulfilling lives. When in need of a referral, Dr. Novak is without a doubt the first person I would call.

I highly recommend the therapists

At Simi Psychological Group. They really know how to help the clients they work with! They were very welcoming and made the entire experience comfortable!

Simi Psychological group is a wonderful practice

They really care about the families they work with. The therapists are warm, supportive, and very knowledgeable!

Amazing Psychologist

Dr. Danial is an amazing psychologist. He is so kind, caring and really connects with his patients. He is very sensitive to the needs of parents as well. He is very gentle in his approach, but yet is effective, and truly has a natural ability to connect with children.

Excellent organization with very personable and competent clinicians

The Simi Psychological Group is an excellent organization with very personable and competent clinicians. They quickly return calls and work to meet the clients needs as best they can. It definitely gives me peace of mind to refer clients here. Very highly recommend them.

Dr. Becerra is authentic and empathetic and truly cares about helping others

Dr. Becerra is personable and she is very knowledgeable about relationship issues too. She is compassionate, kind and easy to talk to…especially to those who are in need of support and healing. 

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5 Reasons You Should Consider Online Therapy

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