3 Teenage Parenting Tips

You’re here to understand 3 teenage parenting tips! It could be that lately, you find yourself butting heads with your teen. Maybe mutual respect for each other is not present in your relationship with them. It could be that there is a current struggle in your relationship with your teen.

It’s understandable and very common that teens begin to want to have their own independence. They are wanting to make their own decisions and do what they want to do. As they explore and gain more understanding of who they are, that may show more in their interests, hobbies, and social life. 

As parents, we just want to make sure that our teens are safe. That they are making the right decisions in life. It’s a common concern that our teens may experiment with substances, sex, or other things at this point in their life. This is all natural to being a teen, and we want to make sure that we as parents are helping guide them.

Parenting teens can be a rodeo. We may feel defeated or frustrated with our teens. It could be that it’s hard to speak to them without it turning into a heated argument. When you try to install boundaries or house rules, they may deflect them and not want to abide by them. This can obviously leave you feeling very fed up.

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We want to make sure that we are able to parent our teens in a healthy, safe way. We want to provide them with an environment where they can be themselves and they can flourish in. As parents, we want to help them explore who they are and who they want to be when they are older. We also want them to have mutual respect and understanding with us. 

Here are 3 teenage parenting tips that may help. The first one is to show interest and support in your teen for what they like or who they are. The second tip would be to share your own life experiences, such as sharing what being a teen was like for you. The third tip would be to seek out parenting therapy to set and achieve goals for the family as a whole.

Teen Therapy in Simi Valley, Ca provides your teen with a safe place to explore their emotions.

3 Teenage Parenting Tips: Show interest and support for what they like or who they are

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It’s important to your teens that their parents are supportive of them. They want their parents to be proud of them for who they are and what they like. Having your parents as your own personal cheerleaders is a major thing, and can do more than you know for your teen. Showing interest in the things they like also is encouraging and can help you bond with them.

Showing interest and support for what they like or who they are can be applied in a few different ways. One major way to show interest and support is through how your teen likes to spend their free time (such as through arts and crafts). Maybe it could be their sexuality, if they are on the LGBTQ spectrum. You know your teen’s individual interests, so try to connect with them on a regular basis to learn more about it.

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It can be easy to show interest and support for your teen. You don’t need to break the bank in supporting their interests, for example constantly buying them art supplies. Rather, you will want to express curiosity and interest in what they may be presently working on. You may want to understand what their art piece means or what it is. By doing this, you are creating opportunities for bonding and understanding with your teen.

Alongside showing interest in who they are as well as interest in their lives, you want to show support for it. Even when things get rocky in your relationship with them, you want them to know that you’ll be their number one supporter. Your goal is for your teen to feel safe expressing who they are and what they love.

Therapy in Simi Valley, Ca is very family-oriented and works to support the family unit as a whole. We want to individually support you as an individual member while collectively supporting you as a family.

3 Teenage Parenting Tips: Share your own life experiences

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You know what it was like being a teenager. It could have been awkward, cringe-worthy, depressing, scary. Maybe it was exciting, fun, adventurous, and full of good stories. Everyone experiences teenage years and adolescence differently. We may have had different circumstances than our teens do today.

Rather than be upset with your teen for sharing that they experimented with marijuana or snuck out to see friends one night, find this as an opportunity to connect with them. To share your story with them. You can help normalize this part of teenage years and also maybe share some fun laughs with them.

Even if your teen did not do something that went against your house rules, find time to connect with them. It can be interesting for them to hear about what life was like for you as a teen. They may even gain a greater understanding of who you are from this, and you can develop mutual respect.

Maybe you’ll want to share what your experience was like to help provide education and awareness to your teen. This could be for their own safety in experimenting or just out of wanting them to be aware of their surroundings. Also, when your teen may be in similar circumstances, they may feel more comfortable opening up to you on their own.

It can be difficult for your teen to be open and honest with you about what’s going on in their life. They may be ashamed, embarrassed, or scared they’ll get in trouble. Always encourage and praise honesty, and find ways to address concerns in a safe and healthy manner.

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3 Teenage Parenting Tips: Seek out parenting therapy

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In the end, it is always a great decision to seek out parenting therapy. Parenting therapy can be something short-term to address specific concerns. Or, it can turn into long-term therapy, where as concerns arise, you have your therapist to consult with. 

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It could be that you are wondering if you are really getting through to your teen. Are you and your teen making progress together in your relationship? Maybe it feels like you two are stuck in this power struggle with one another. Mutual respect and understanding is lacking, and you are getting frustrated with this.

It’s important that as parents, we welcome healthy feedback to our parenting styles. We want to continue to grow not only as parents, but as humans for our children. Being open minded to reducing common communication problems, such as yelling or giving “the cold shoulder”, can help us pinpoint where change would be beneficial. 

Parenting therapy works to help support the parents in the family. It helps address any questions or concerns in regards to your parenting. Or, it could be to find ways for you to be more involved with your teen. Parenting is not easy, and having non-judgmental, third party support can make it feel a whole lot easier.

Online counseling in Ventura County is also available now. Online therapy can be more convenient to work around busy schedules and cuts out commute time!

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