How to Get Past Morning Depression

You’re wanting to understand how to get past morning depression. It seems to hit you the hardest in the morning. It’s difficult to find the motivation to get out of bed. Sometimes, you may find yourself laying in bed for hours on end.

Lately, it has been difficult to get your day started. You may be overcome with fatigue, feeling like you could keep sleeping all day. It could be that you are stressed about what the day will bring, so you want to stay in bed to avoid facing it. There may be nothing that feels fulfilling enough to get out of bed for.

Depression in the mornings can be hard. You may feel defeated and like you’re at your wits end for what to do. You know that you want to take some baby steps to break through the morning depression, and live the life you crave and deserve.

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Here are 3 tips to get past morning depression! The first tip is to be well rested. This looks like scheduling a bedtime for yourself, avoiding any activities that may stress you out prior to sleeping, and doing a relaxing night time activity. The next is to set small goals to accomplish upon waking up. 

This can look like making your bed, laying out an outfit for the day, or brushing your teeth. Finally, establish a routine to get your day started. This routine can be simple and not last too long, or be long and entail a lot of activities. Whatever you can stick to and work towards, you have the power in you to make it happen!

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How to Get Past Morning Depression: Be well rested

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Being well rested is one way to get past morning depression. Although you may struggle with fatigue on a regular basis, having a poor sleep schedule may contribute greatly to your feelings of tiredness. It’s important that you aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

You can guarantee being well rested for the new day in a few different ways. Maybe that could look like avoiding watching TV too late. Although it can be enjoyable and relaxing to be curled up in bed, watching your favorite movie or show, it can put a strain on your eyes.

It may even distract you from the time and keep you up later than usual. One idea is to schedule to only watch things during certain times of the day to avoid watching it too late in bed. It may be that you also are scrolling through your phone before bed, and it’s hard to stop yourself and turn the phone down. 

Limiting time on social media apps before bed can also help with being well rested. It could be that maybe we saw a video or picture that made us feel some type of way. Whether it’s insecure, frustrated, or worried. Those feelings can keep you up at night, causing you to lose sleep over it. 

Replace those activities with healthy night time activities. This could look like reading a chapter of a book before bed. Such as some murder mystery, an autobiography, or a fantasy book that makes you feel good. You can also journal your day or thoughts before bed to attempt to relieve them before sleeping.

Consider selecting a day of the week to attend to you and only you. Read the full blog on how to do this here!

Therapy in Simi Valley, Ca can provide you with tools to identify some changes that can be made in your daily routine. From there, you can identify healthy and positive replacements for them. 

How to Get Past Morning Depression: Set small goals to accomplish while waking up

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Set small goals you can accomplish upon waking up. This would look like right after your alarm goes off and your eyes open, what are some things you can get your day started doing? This should not be some major expectation to hold over yourself. You want to create goals that are achievable and will do you good.

This can look like a goal of immediately making your bed. It does not have to be perfect and fitted. However, you can make sure to set the blankets back and prop your pillows up. Rather than leaving it slept in with your imprint, this may discourage you from laying back down.

Another small goal could be to shower or wash your face when you are up. Splashing cold water on your face or body is known to help regulate the nervous system. By starting with a shower or washing your face, you may feel rejuvenated and more encouraged to get out and start the day. 

Hydrating is important, and you want to make sure that you’re replenishing the hydration that was lost overnight. You can aim to drink at least 1 glass of water to get your day started. Maybe that looks like chugging from your water bottle for a moment. Or, having a mug of tea. Whatever it may be, make sure to be hydrated!

Finally, try engaging in one activity that may not use up too much time. This can look like stretching your body for 5 minutes. You can stretch out your legs, arms, back, et cetera. You can find image tutorials through a quick google search to establish a few stretches to do.

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How to Get Past Morning Depression: Establish a routine to continue your day 

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What are some things that you’d like to enjoy engaging in after the morning has begun? After you have accomplished your small goals for the morning, think about the next step in your day. Creating a routine to follow can help keep your flow going. Or, if you have days that fluctuate due to work or school, you can create a general routine.

This can look like having your routine coffee or tea in the morning or around noon time. You know that at some point in the day, you will make time to sit down and enjoy your mug. Or, it could be a certain treat like a cookie or snack. It will be something to look forward to!

You can also have it in your routine to find time to go for a walk around the block. This could even look like walking up the street and back. You know that you want to at least get your steps in for the day and complete some sort of physical activity. 

By having a daily routine, you can keep track of any further accomplished goals. Maybe you need time during the day to study. Or, you work a job and need to reserve time of the day dedicated to your job. Outside of that time, however, plan a routine that will work for you and your schedule.

Maybe your routine would include texting or calling one friend or family member a day to check in and say hello. This can also help encourage social interaction and get you talking to people that love and care about you! 

Be graceful and gentle with yourself during this process. It can be easier said than done to jump into these routines and small goal achievements. There may be days where you have setbacks and don’t achieve anything. This happens and is normal. Don’t be too hard on yourself and remain focused on your goals! 

At the end of the day, seeking out professional mental health help can offer a catalyst of support for you. One step forward, two steps backwards is how it can seem to cope with depression. But when you have the right support by your side, anything is possible.

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