5 Signs It’s Time To Start Teen Counseling

Have you been considering Teen counseling? The teenage years are difficult. If you are reading this blog then you likely have a teen. So I don’t really need to tell you that they are difficult. You know. They are difficult for the teen and the parents alike. There is so much happening in the teen years. Teens are trying to find themselves. They are figuring out their world around them. In the process however they go through many (albeit expected) bumps and internal struggles. 

You may notice that your teen is on social media way too much. That she or he is consumed with what others are saying. If they are liking their pictures. Whether their friends are inviting them or commenting on their feeds. Or maybe they are just going through the feeds or tic toc videos rather mindlessly. Maybe you are having trouble getting your teen out of her room. It’s like she’s hiding in there.  Or maybe your relationship is struggling and you desperately want to reconnect with your teen. You may be concerned that your teen is struggling with depression and anxiety. 

You’ve tried so many different things already to help your teen. You aren’t sure what to do next. Maybe your teen has asked to talk to someone. Or you just know it’s time that you have a professional help your teen and family. You may be a little unsure what it all looks like and if teen counseling is what is best. 

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Let’s take a look at 5 signs its time to start teen counseling 

  1. Your teen is isolating or withdrawing form the family
  2. Your teen is on social media way too much
  3. Your teen is using alcohol or drugs to numb out
  4. Your teen is acting out or is angry
  5. Your concerned about the friends they are choosing

Below we dive into each one. Don’t miss out!

Teen counseling Sign One: Your teen is isolating or withdrawing from the family 

Is your teen retreating to his or her room? Is she barely wanting to come out for dinner? This can feel rather upsetting as a parent. You remember the days when your teen would actually want to spend time with you. And it worries you because you don’t really know if she’s okay. You try to check in but you get one word answers most of the time. You are concerned since your teen isn’t sharing with you what is happening in her life. All you want is to connect more with your teen and for them to get out and spend time with the family. 

In teen therapy in Simi Valley, Ca we work with your teen on getting out what is going on inside for them. We help them express themselves more to you and ultimately first and foremost explore how they feel for themselves. Our team of therapists in Simi Valley, Ca believe in making sure to support you in connecting with your teen. We do family sessions to facilitate better connection and communication with one another.  

Teen counseling Sign Two: Your teen is on social media way too much 

Is your teen over consumed on social media? Maybe your teen is really influenced by her friends and is rather sensitive to what others are saying (or not saying). There are positives to social media however when it becomes too much it can be harmful. If your teen has a tendency to be hard on herself, judge herself harshly (or others), and compare then this is likely exacerbated when they overuse it.

 In many ways social media is a platform that naturally leads to comparisons. What do people typically post? The happy beautiful moments. The picture perfect parts of their life. This can lead to a bad internal dialogue about your teen’s own life. Figuring out how to set boundaries around social media and phone use in general can be tricky with a teen. You probably tried different ways but you may also be concerned about you and your teens relationship. 

Take a look at my blog on How Does Social Media Affect Teenagers? 

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Teen counseling Sign Three: Your teen is using drugs or alcohol to numb out.  

You may be concerned that your teenager is using pot or alcohol as a means of coping. You may not be sure on the extent but you are concerned. Drug use is oftentimes a signal for something deeper going on that we want to explore. There is experimentation that happens in the teenage years. We want to make sure that experimentation isn’t becoming something that is leading to a coping strategy however. 

If you are having any concerns with this you should highly consider getting started in teen therapy. In therapy in Simi Valley, Ca , your teen and the therapist will work on understanding what is underlying the use for your teen. Exploring potential anxiety or depressive symptoms and areas that they could improve in other parts of their life as well.    

Teen counseling Sign Four: Your teen is acting out or is angry. 

Is your teen angry? Does he lash out at you? Is it hard for you two to have a conversation without fighting? Or is your teen acting out in other ways? It is probably really difficult for you when your teen is angry either with you or maybe even at the world. You see your teen struggling with everyday life, maybe friendships or worries for the future. If they are acting out or angry he or she is likely self sabotaging and experiencing some internal pain. You will also want to look out for any thoughts of self-harm or suicidal thoughts. 

In teen counseling, the therapist would work with your teen on getting at the root of some of the anger, sadness, and acting out behaviors. A therapist will also assess any thoughts of self-harm or suicidal thoughts. Sometimes teens keep these thoughts inside.  It is best that the therapist also helps support you to connect more with your teen in different ways. 

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Teen counseling Sign Five: You are concerned about the friends they are choosing. 

You may be concerned with the friends your teen is choosing. Do you notice that they are more likely to get in trouble lately? With new friends? Or are you concerned due to the conversations you overhear them having? Have you noticed a change in your teens behaviors since they started spending time with new friends? Your teen wants to feel accepted and understood. They may not be aware of what they deserve or what it is they vision for their friendships. Teen therapy can be a helpful place to explore these questions and help your teen evaluate what it is they want for their friendships. 

The teenage years are difficult. Many teens don’t feel understood. You may be noticing some signs that it is time to consider teen therapy. Some reasons include your teen is isolating or withdrawing, on social media too much, drug or alcohol use, acting out behaviors or anger or the friends they are surrounding themselves with. Teen therapy can provide a safe place for your teen to open up and dive deeper into their feelings and make the changes they want for their life. 

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