3 Hidden Signs Your Child Has Anxiety

You’re here to understand hidden signs your child has anxiety. You may have noticed a change in their behavior lately. Maybe they have been more emotional than usual. It could be that they have physical symptoms, such as headaches or tummy aches. Or, they could be more aggressive in play.

As a parent, you want to get to the bottom of this. Your goal is to ensure that your child is happy and healthy. When you see signs that maybe something is wrong, you want to take action to understand them. It could be that the signs are normal and not of concern, but you still want to make sure they are ok.

This blog is solely for informational purposes, and you should not use this to self-diagnose your child with anxiety. Rather, if you notice these signs in your child, it may be time to connect with a mental health professional. They will be able to help you and your family understand if they are struggling with anxiety.

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There are usually 3 hidden signs that your child has anxiety. Firstly, they may be more emotional than usual. This could be in terms of them struggling to physically separate from you when it comes time for school, for example. Maybe they show signs of worrying and overthinking for the future or daily life.

Second, they may exhibit concerning behaviors. It can be difficult for children to open up and express their feelings without proper tools – or knowledge of how to. Maybe they are avoiding playing with other kids, for example. They may struggle with meltdowns or tantrums over small things.

Finally, they may share physical symptoms that they experience. It could be that when it’s time for school, they have a bad tummy ache. Maybe they are struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep. They might complain of headaches or not feeling well, even if they are not sick (ex: having a normal temperature).

Child therapy in Simi Valley, Ca can guide your family in the right direction for understanding and treating your child. 

3 Hidden Signs Your Child Has Anxiety: They are more emotional than usual

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It could be that you noticed your child being a little more emotional than usual. It’s usually expected that children will engage in crying, tantrums, and express their emotions in other ways. They are still learning how to navigate the world and communicate their needs!

However, this time around, it seems to be different. Maybe your child is crying excessively, showing a lot of worry, or even having panic attacks. This can look like hyperventilating, crying, and not being able to calm down. It’s unclear why these panic attacks happen, and they may come out of nowhere.

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They could show signs of separation anxiety when they refuse to leave your side. It’s difficult dropping them off at school or at playdates, as they seem to appear scared and worried. They may cry and be scared to be alone. Your child shows difficulty in doing independent activities.

Their emotional state could also appear angry, grouchy, or frustrated. Maybe they become more frustrated more easily, such as when playing games or with toys. Or, even with other people like their siblings or classmates. You notice that lately, they are a little more on edge and appearing upset. 

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Child therapy in Simi Valley, CA, helps give your child tools to understand and communicate their emotions. 

3 Hidden Signs Your Child Has Anxiety: They exhibit concerning behaviors

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Your child may be exhibiting some concerning behaviors. You may notice a shift in their willingness to be social and play on the playground with others. They may isolate themselves and withdraw from play dates or game times.

They may engage in meltdowns and showcase their emotions through screaming, kicking, hitting, and more. Your child didn’t use to be physically aggressive with others, but that has increased lately.

It could be that your child has been physically hurting other children, teachers, siblings, or the parents themselves. They seem to get frustrated and don’t have ways to express it in a healthy way. This makes you feel nervous and maybe even frustrated yourself, as you don’t know exactly how to help them.

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Concerning behaviors can show themselves in a variety of ways. Essentially, you will notice your child acting differently. Whether they are behaving irregularly, aggressively, or completely withdrawing, you will notice something is off.

Child therapy in Simi Valley, Ca, works with the family as a whole to understand the family dynamic, ways to support you all individually, and to provide you with tools and skills to be successful!

3 Hidden Signs Your Child Has Anxiety: They complain of physical symptoms

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Your child may complain of physical symptoms. This can look like having stomach aches at times where it may not make sense for them to. Usually, you may experience a stomach ache after eating something bad, for example. Maybe your child experiences stomach aches at the time of speaking to people, presenting at show and tell, or more.

Due to these physical symptoms, it’s difficult for your child to eat their lunch or snacks. It may bother their stomach so much to the point where they just refuse to eat anything in general. You will notice that they have stomach aches around certain times, such as drop off at school, going to play dates, or presenting in front of the class.

It could be that they are having a difficult time falling or staying asleep. They may struggle with anxiety late at night that prevents them from going into a restful slumber. Or, they may constantly wake up in the middle of the night, and consequently wake you up as well.

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They may also speak about headaches, being sweaty, and their bodies tensing up. These are just a few examples of physical symptoms they may experience, among many others. Nonetheless, you know your child isn’t sick at the moment, so they shouldn’t be feeling this way.

It’s important that when you notice these signs, you seek out a child therapist or child psychologist in Simi Valley, Ca. Understanding and treating anxiety when you first see signs will help your child in the future.

It will also help your family as well. Both you and your child will develop greater understanding around anxiety, and be given tools and skills to implement in everyday life. You don’t have to struggle as parents, concerned and worried about your child’s behavior and emotional state. Our team of child therapists and child psychologists are available to help you and your family, now!

Family therapy in Simi Valley, Ca provides parents with tools and skill sets to understand and support their child.

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