How Are My Parents Included in Teen Therapy?

Teen therapy is centered around making you feel validated, valued, heard, and understood. We know that in this stage in your life, it can be hard to be a teen. You’re expected of so much (at least it feels that way sometimes). Expected to know what you want to do with your future,. Even with your career, with your life, and sometimes, how you’re doing presently gets overlooked.

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Teens are often feeling a lack of motivation. A lack of self confidence, and having difficulty controlling their emotions and coping with discomfort of everyday life.

Simi Psychological Group wants to be there for you as your support system, because we support teens. We understand where you’re at and how you’re feeling. We want to be there to provide you with the tools and coping mechanisms you need to live your best life and be who you want to be.

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Our team of therapists in Simi Valley, Ca are specialists in working with teens, helping them adjust to circumstances, cope with anxiety or depression, and engaging them in ways to become more self aware than they didn’t think they could.

Although we are advocates for teens, we also value a family based system. Every member of the family can learn something and grow to create real desired change in the family dynamic.

Due to generational or cultural differences, sometimes, teens don’t feel heard enough or validated. Working with us is the first step, but what about your parents? How are they included in teen therapy?

Families are essential to the process of teen therapy. As parents grow their confidence, communication skills, and expand their understanding, teens also grow in their ability to self-regulate their emotions and pursue their personal goals.

Parent involvement in teen therapy is a crucial component in the process.

Teen therapy & parent involvement: Support for parents

Your parents will need support in guiding and navigating the process of therapy. It’s important that every family member is validated for their feelings and can feel comfortable expressing their concerns and desires.

In teen therapy in Simi Valley, Ca we have the initial consultation with the parents. This is a way to collect general information about the family dynamic, hear their concerns, and understand their goals in having their teen in therapy.

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We offer parenting support and resources. It is important to us that everyone can feel comfortable expressing themselves knowing that although we are an advocate for the teen, we respect and value the parents as well. 

Teen therapy & parent involvement: Educational resources for parents

Sometimes, parents are unable to understand the internal life a teen may have, and only view the external life they have, which would be their home, family, friends, etc. It can be difficult for parents to understand the teen’s feelings and what they go through on a regular basis.

We want to make sure that parents are aware of the influence they have on their teens. Parents are the protectors of their teens, and want to ensure that they are safe and happy at all times. Parents can learn skills on better understanding their teen’s feelings and how to help them manage and navigate through them. 

Sometimes, parents may be unaware of how they are impacting their teen.

We are not here to judge your parents or their parenting style, but help educate them on how some behaviors or actions have consequences on the teen and may only damage the relationship further. 

There is great power in working together as a family unit, especially when it’s regarding their teenage child. We want to work with parents to help them understand that real desired change can not occur without mutual cooperation and open mindedness.

Teen therapy & parent involvement: Mutual understanding and cooperation

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A professional, unbiased setting like professional therapy is a great place to create shared trust and mutual support within the family. 

As stated before, parents may have an outdated understanding of mental health and what that means. They may not want to accept that their teenager has a mental health diagnosis or is struggling mentally, and will be resistant to paying for treatment or support. 

At the end of the day, we simply cannot avoid our problems and they will require attention sooner or later. It’s important that we’re able to present therapy as a positive experience that can only enhance a teen’s ability to grow and incorporate coping mechanisms into their lives.

Parents must be willing to withhold their biases and preconceptions about therapy during session to allow for providing meaningful and needed support to their teen.

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