Nvard Mkrtchyan, LMFT

Therapist in Simi Valley


I’m Nvard Mkrtchyan

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 131753

I believe that everyone has the ability to not only get through obstacles but grow through them. Above all, I strive to empower my clients and ensure they feel heard. I focus on helping individuals explore their true selves, confront difficult experiences, and learn new coping strategies in order to help them achieve their goals. 

Vulnerability is often frowned upon in society. The truth is that vulnerability is a strength and it is the strongest people that are able to let themselves dive into the uncomfortable. This is where I come in to help you get there. I am a strength-based therapist who believes that the challenges and difficulties we face are all a part of life’s journey.  

In the room, I am present, non-judgmental and authentic. My priority is to build a trusting relationship with my clients. I strive to create an environment where clients feel comfortable reflecting on their feelings in the purest form. In working with children and teens, I create a space of ease so that they can open up and be themselves. I am passionate about helping children and teens find the words to communicate their inner worries and concerns so those around them truly understand. I incorporate parents and siblings in the therapeutic process for deeper true growth and change. I am also passionate about working with adults with trauma and truly committed to taking a deep journey of self exploration and growth one step at a time. Within couples therapy I ensure that each member of the couple is heard while changing up the parts of the dynamic and communication that isn’t working. I believe that we need to learn how to tolerate the uncomfortable and sit with the change in order to experience the true beauty of growth and fulfillment.

Marriage & Family Therapist Simi Valley, CA

My Specialties Include:


Couples therapy

Anxiety therapy


In therapy I use an integrative approach including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic and family systems. I want to ensure that my clients feel safe and comfortable in the room with me. I make sure to meet them where they are while challenging them when the right opportunities arise. I approach each of my sessions with an open mind and with a strong commitment to helping clients achieve their goals.
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I feel confident in helping my clients explore ways to increase their confidence and overcome obstacles while embracing their true selves. With this individualized approach to therapy I am able to partner with clients in the way that best suits them in growing into the best versions of themselves. 

Education and Background

I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in family studies from California State University, Northridge, I furthered my education with a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from University of Southern California. At the start of my career, I trained at a DMH contracted community-based agency working closely with the underserved population. Since then I have worked closely with clients individually ranging from children to the elderly as well as in a group setting with families during their most difficult times. I have a special interest in helping individuals facing depression, anxiety, trauma, and family connection.