Jarah Trenier, AMFT

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist 


I’m Jarah Trenier

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, 133493

Maybe you’re starting to lose hope that your circumstances will ever change. The heaviness or worry has become the center of your world and you’re having trouble focusing on anything else. You may feel stuck and think you’ll never be able to get past the events or beliefs that are haunting your deepest thoughts. Perhaps you feel like your relationship is on its last leg and you’re wondering how you will go forward. Maybe you and your child just can’t seem to understand each other and your family is in need of healing. Ultimately, you’re here searching for hope in a hard situation. You want to find calm and safety… and maybe even learn to thrive.

I know it can be intimidating to take this first step and I commend you for the efforts you’ve already put in and for taking this step towards your healing journey. I believe that with the right support, empathy, and guidance we can go on this journey together, uncovering new insights that will be the foundation for the change you’ve been looking for. We will collaborate to discover the roots of your struggles and help you overcome them. It is my honor to hear your story and delicately hold your emotions with you as we work together as a team.

I am passionate about the work that I do with those struggling with depression, anxiety, and trauma. I have seen the transformation from being all consumed by trauma to healing and having hope for what’s next. I have witnessed parents and children work to understand one another through difficult times. I will provide the understanding and acceptance you are longing for. You will feel heard and seen. Together we will go on this journey to help you and your family find the freedom to live and experience joy.

My Therapy Specialties Include:

Couples Therapy
Child and Teen therapy
Anxiety and Trauma Treatment

In Therapy

In the therapy room, I tailor my approach to each unique client. What stays consistent is the warm, empathetic, transparent, and non-judgemental space I create for you. These conditions create the environment necessary to build trust and clear the path for us to explore what might be going on physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When working with adolescents and children, I make sure to include parents in the process because I know how much value this adds to the growth of the family. When your child works with me they will feel understood. Together we will be playing pretend or making jokes in order to create that safe and light space for them to work on their healing journey.

Our childhood experiences, past attachment difficulties, and deep rooted wounds influence who we become and how we behave or interact with others in the present. I incorporate therapeutic
techniques that help you to better recognize some of the patterns that might be holding you back from reaching your full potential. I see you as the expert of your own experiences, while partnering with you to strengthen your awareness, understanding, and autonomy

Education and Background

I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology from San Jose State University. I furthered my studies by earning my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California. At the start of my journey, I volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate going into the homes of at-risk families and creating safe spaces for youth to disclose their deepest pains and biggest dreams. Since then, I have provided therapy in a community mental health setting to adults and couples, helping them uncover the roots that were hindering
them from reaching their full potential.