3 Reasons to Start Child Therapy

You’re here to understand reasons to start child therapy. Lately, your child has been out of control with their emotions. Instances of tantrums have risen and you feel burnt out and frustrated. In school, it’s noticed that they struggle with focus and concentration. They may be withdrawing from friends or family. Something’s going on, and you want to get to the bottom of it.

Perhaps your child was present during your divorce. They were affected by your divorce in one way or another, and seem to struggle to cope with the separation. It could be that they suffered a great loss, whether that’s a family member or a friend. Managing their emotions when they get triggered seems to be a big challenge.

On top of your child exhibiting concerning symptoms, you are unsure of how to manage it. You want to help your child be able to calm themselves down and understand their emotions – but you are not sure how. Parenting has become stressful and frustrating for you as well during this time. 

Some reasons to begin child therapy include the fact that it gives your child a safe space to not only explore their emotions – but learn how to cope with them. Child therapists in Simi Valley are able to provide your child with the tools they need to be successful in managing their emotions.

Next, it gives you opportunities to improve your parenting skills. It could be that there are some techniques that you are not aware of, or have not thought about implementing. It’s exciting for you to grow as a parent, to be able to meet both your and your child’s needs.

Finally, the entire family would benefit from child therapy. In therapy in Simi Valley, our therapists have a family oriented approach. We really want to make sure that we are looking at a bigger picture for your child. Finding ways to support family members, address concerns, and give everyone a safe space is important to us!

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3 Reasons to Start Child Therapy: It gives your child a space to explore their emotions and develop coping mechanisms

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Child therapists are experienced in providing children with a safe and comfortable space to explore emotions. They know how to incorporate play therapy into sessions, while making real progress. It’s important that the therapist develops rapport and trust with the child to make real progress. Consistency for sessions is key!

Once the child therapist and child have good rapport, they can start exploring and understanding emotions. It’s possible that your child is unsure how to handle feeling sad or angry. They lash out because they lack the tools or coping mechanisms needed to calm themselves down.

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The therapist and child will work closely together in sessions to find and practice ways to self regulate. This can often be through the form of curated therapeutic games or drawing activities. Maybe they will act out fake scenarios to teach your child proper responses and coping skills.

Being able to identify an emotion is important – and being able to cope with it is even better. All progress is rewarded in child therapy sessions. We want to ensure that the child feels proud of their progress and ability to self regulate difficult emotions. 

From there, the child will actively be able to continue implementing these strategies into their everyday lives. When difficult emotions come up for them in school, at home, or socially, they will have the tools to manage it.

Seeking out counseling in Simi Valley can be intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be. Our therapists at Simi Psychological Group are more than happy to hold a phone consultation with you to make sure we’re the best fit for child therapy!

3 Reasons to Start Child Therapy: It gives you opportunities to improve parenting skills

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Perhaps you are feeling so frustrated and burnt out from parenting. You find yourself yelling at your children, avoiding dealing with difficult feelings when they come up. Maybe you see yourself slipping as a good role model for them. Parenting can be very stressful and difficult, so seeking out child therapy will help you in the long run as well.

Child therapists will be able to assess your parenting dynamic. Are you more passive as a parent, or more authoritative? How does your parenting style contribute to the behaviors your child is exhibiting? Are they worsening it, or improving your child’s behaviors?

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We will also want to look at the family dynamic as a whole. It’s important to look at the entire family interaction. Say that your child comes in with negative self-talk. Could it be that other siblings are bullying them, and you are not properly intervening? 

As parents, there are always opportunities to grow and improve. Parenting is a trial and error process, so remember to be kind and patient with yourself as well. Do hold yourself accountable for things you can improve and grow on in parenting. Children learn from the environment that they grow up in.

Our therapists are very passionate about working with parents. We want to make sure that you feel validated, understood, and heard. Maybe you, yourself, want to seek out therapy to address some concerns. Child therapy is a non-judgmental space that works to address the family unit as a whole!

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You don’t have to feel stuck any longer. Family counseling in Simi Valley, Ca is available now to support your family in growing as a unit.

3 Reasons to Start Child Therapy: The whole family will benefit from child therapy

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In starting child therapy, the whole family is able to benefit from it. Our therapists at Simi Psychological Group are dedicated to ensuring the whole family feels supported and heard. We know that when there’s concern with one family member, it can affect others.

By focusing on your child, we are already giving them tools and strategies to combat things such as social anxiety, trouble controlling their emotions, and more. Working one on one with your child gives us opportunities to connect and bond with them.

When our clients trust us and we build good rapport with them, real change can happen. They may start to incorporate tools more often, and understand what these tools can do for them. Tools including breathing exercises, counting exercises, or toys to keep them preoccupied. Such as fidget toys for anxiety, stuffed animals to hold when sad, and much more.

We see real change take place in families when the children start to incorporate our methods and open up in session for child therapy. When the child starts showing real change, is when the family needs to continue that.

Our therapists work closely with parents to ensure that they are continuing to promote positivity, encouraging the use of coping mechanisms/skills, and are doing their part. Child therapy is successful when parents and family members contribute to promote good behaviors and positive patterns.

Child therapy in Simi Valley, Ca helps you and your family work closely with child therapists to understand and address concerning behaviors. 

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