What does a child psychologist do in therapy?

You may be wondering if therapy can help your child and “what does a child psychologist do in therapy?” Lately, your child has been behaving in ways that raise concern for you. This could look like having emotional outbursts, tantrums, isolating themselves, being defiant, and more. When you see your child anxious or overwhelmed you may feel unsure what to do.

As a parent, you’re looking for support. You may want to help them express themselves and become more confident in their abilities. Maybe you want to help them manage their emotions without needing to have a tantrum. Parenting fatigue will leave you wanting some support. This can look like support in practicing patience as a parent of young children. 

You are wanting to go ahead and seek out a child psychologist. You may be at a loss with how you can best help your child succeed.

With the aid of one of our child psychologists in Simi Valley your family will receive the support you need to create meaningful change. 

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How does a child psychologist include you in therapy? 

In child therapy in Simi Valley, Ca we always meet with the parents or guardians first. This helps us get a better understanding what is happening overall and your family. In this initial meeting, you will get the opportunity to share concerns and questions you have regarding your child. 

In general, child therapists want to work with the parents and families to let them that they will be supported as well in this process. Child therapists will be able to identify behaviors, and communicate how you, as a parent, can help combat them. This can look like providing you with coping mechanisms and strategies. 

Children need tools for emotional regulation, impulse control, and social interactions. However, you may worry your parenting isn’t enough – but you will learn and grow in how to support your child in these areas as well!

What does therapy with a child psychologist look like?

If your child struggles with listening or following directions, it makes sense why you want extra clarification on what the child psychologist will do in therapy. You may worry that your child won’t open or take it seriously, resulting in not much progress being made.

It’s important to consider that the therapist will be a stranger to your child. They may not hit it off right away, and your child may be shy or weary of them. They may want you to be with them the first session or so as to provide comfort.

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Child psychologists are specialized in working with children to help them communicate and feel comfortable in doing so. There are some forms of therapy they will incorporate that keep your child engaged and interacting. They may hint or talk about things that they otherwise wouldn’t just sitting still on the couch. 

Our child psychologists in Ventura County are passionate about making the entire family and your child feel comfortable in the process. 

Play therapy includes range of methods used to encourage your child’s natural urge to explore, create, and act out stories. Some things may be hard or scary for your child to communicate. Acting out what happened with toys may help them open up about it more. 

This can look like building Legos together, playing board games, or playing with puppets. Child psychologists utilize their skills to ask your child questions about family, how they feel about school or themselves. This is to see their emotions play out in front of them.

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Art therapy is another way to get children’s natural urge to create and act out stories moving. We provide art supplies, for example, so that your child can freely draw and create stories. 

Therapy doesn’t always have to be – and usually isn’t always – a time where they express only sad or hard feelings. Child therapy allows kids to be themselves. Gush about their passions. Begin to understand themselves more, and learn about their minds and emotions.

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What are the outcomes of child therapy? 

We can anticipate growth, progress, and increased self awareness in your child during child therapy. Some outcomes that their child psychologist will help them achieve in therapy include:

  • Having your child develop stronger, healthier bonds with family and friends
  • Growing confidence socially and in school
  • Learning to self regulate their emotions and recognize when they are feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling more understood to allow for their true self to shine through
  • A healthier relationship where your child can rely on you as a grounded source of support

How do child psychologists understand your child?

In child therapy at Simi Psychological Group, we work closely with your child to identify underlying issues. Issues that may lead to a decreased motivation to participate in school, hobbies, or social activities, for instance.

We want to understand why your child has greater outbursts than others. Or what frustration may be building up in them. Or, to understand why your child expresses great sadness and depression.

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As a parent, you want these answers so that you can begin incorporating the skills and tools into your child’s life. This can look like recognizing an emotional breakdown; knowing what to do to help your child regulate themselves and express themselves in a more open way. 

Neuropsychological testing is also an efficient and effective way to understand how your child’s brain is functioning when it comes to areas like school, friendships, and families. 

Obtaining a neuropsychological evaluation will help provide more clarity in the situation and the best next steps to take.

We know that you want to create real, meaningful change in your child. It all starts with finding the best fitting therapist for you and your family.

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