3 Undeniable Reasons Why Online Couples Therapy Works

You’re here to understand reasons why online couples therapy works. You and your partner know you have been needing couples therapy for a while. Things do not seem to be improving on your own. You are in need of professional support to work through difficult issues in your relationship.

Maybe you have a lack of faith in couples therapy. You feel like it may not help you and your partner resolve your problems together. It’s possible that you worry that the session will turn into targeting you, and you will experience shame the whole time.

You once thought it was difficult to coordinate and begin couples therapy. However, online couples therapy is a great option for you and your partner to explore! 

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There are 3 undeniable reasons why online couples therapy works. First, it gives you and your partner a neutral ground, supported by a professional. It can be difficult to work through tough emotions and situations alone. It’s possible that you may not feel heard or understood. When working with a couples therapist, you will have your conversations regulated and explored in a healthy way.

The second reason is that it’s convenient and works around your busy schedules. It’s difficult to plan sessions around your schedule, your partner’s schedule, and the therapist’s schedule. When you can find a set time and day that works, you can cut out the commute time and hold therapy sessions from the comfort of your home. You can also hold the sessions from the comfort of your home.

The final reason is that both you and your partner are individually supported throughout the process. There is no target in online couples therapy. It is the goal of the therapist to support, understand, and hear the both of you. Both of your stories matter, and the therapist wants you to know that!

Online couples therapy in California, Ca allows therapists to work with anyone in the state of California. Regardless of your location in California, you can join couples therapy from the comfort of your home at your convenience.

3 Undeniable Reasons Online Couples Therapy Works: It gives you and your partner a neutral ground

couple having morning couples therapy session before busy work day

It can be difficult to try and hold a tense conversation with your partner alone. You know that you may not feel heard. And, your partner may not feel heard either. In this sense, you may both act like broken records. Repeating yourselves as you are not feeling listened to or understood.

The conversation may feel like a cycle where it gets brought up, an argument occurs, and you don’t get much resolved. It’s possible that you and your partner are good at respecting each other, and taking time-outs from the conversation when needed. But, your issues don’t seem to come to a good resolution.

Online couples therapy will give you and your partner a neutral ground to work out your issues together. You will have an experienced couples therapist working with you two closely. They will be able to help facilitate different conversations, regulate the emotions in the room, and help you communicate more effectively.

By having this neutral ground, you and your partner can safely explore difficult or hurtful topics. Whether it be from wanting to communicate better, talk about an affair, or discuss possibly leaving the relationship. Having someone guide you, that will advocate for both of your feelings, is a great idea. 

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Online couples therapy in Ventura County, Ca offers a safe, neutral space for you and your partner to talk through difficult topics. Utilize the space to work through emotions, feelings, and desired behavior changes. Then, bring the work to real life outside of your therapy sessions.

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3 Undeniable Reasons Online Couples Therapy Works: It’s convenient, works around your busy schedules, and you can join from anywhere.

couple holding a marriage counseling session from their kitchen together

Sometimes, meeting in person can be anxiety provoking. It can be stressful to go somewhere together and leave together when things are already tense. The office may feel like an unfamiliar space to you, making it difficult to feel vulnerable.

Online couples therapy can take the pressure off for that. You can join from wherever you feel comfortable and safe. Through Telehealth, you and your partner can join from the same device and location. Or, you can join from different devices and different locations.

This allows for both you and your partner to feel comfortable in your own safe space. Whether that be in your home, room, or any other private location. From the comfort of your own safe space, you will feel more easily ready to be vulnerable and talk about difficult things.

Also, configuring a set time and day can be difficult. Perhaps you have slightly irregular work schedules with your partner. Or, one of you works and the other is at home. On top of that, your therapist may have limited availability. When this occurs, you need to consider commute times to the office, figuring out scheduling – and this can be stressful. 

With online couples therapy, you can cut out the extra scheduling. You can join sessions the moment you are free, available, or comfortable from wherever you are. A cool thing about online therapy is that you and your partner can join from the same place and device. Or, you can join from a different place, and a different device! All you need to do is ensure you have privacy and stable WiFi connectivity.

Finding a time that works for you, your partner, and your marriage counselor can be difficult. You have to consider commute times, for example. Online couples counseling in Simi Valley, Ca, makes holding therapy sessions much easier. 

3 Undeniable Reasons Online Couples Therapy Works: It supports both of you independently

couple taking notes on communication skills from online couples therapy session

You may be starting couples therapy for a specific reason. Maybe one of you had an affair. The other partner discovered this affair, and is wanting to bring this to therapy to resolve the matter. And potentially understand why this affair occurred in the first place. 

Now, if you are the individual who had the affair, you may feel a lot of guilt or shame in coming to couples therapy. You may feel like you’re going to have to sit through an hour of being berated or shamed. Maybe the idea of couples therapy turns you off, because of this.

It could also be that the both of you are just needing to strengthen your communication skills with one another. You are loyal to each other and have no other significant faults. But, you realize that you could better communicate with one another.

Although you will be in the room together, your therapist will support you individually. They will want to better understand the both of you separately, while in the same room. This will help the two of you also better understand one another.

You and your partner can count on both being supported in the room, together. 

Starting marriage counseling or couples therapy is a great way to strengthen your connection or work through bumps in the road. Couples also seek out therapy to talk about tough topics, such as affairs, divorce, or breaking up.

While in online couples therapy in Simi Valley, both you and your partner will be supported independently. We believe in uplifting both of you, while pushing you for change. 

a couple meeting with their marriage therapist for the first time over tele heath.

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