5 Signs Your Teen Needs Support

You may be noticing some signs that your teen needs support. It could be that lately, you notice a change in their demeanor. They may be showing more signs of irritability, frustration, or even deep sadness. Your teen struggles to open up and communicate with you, but the signs are noticeable. 

It’s important to you that you are able to be there to support your teen. You want to ensure that they feel they can express their feelings and communicate their needs with you. One way to do this is to praise them for when they are honest and vulnerable with you.

When we shut our teens down or shame them for struggling with something, we show them that it is not ok to be struggling with certain things going on. This may produce high standards on them, that they may not be able to meet. In turn, causing added stress.

Our teens can view us as role models or vessels of support for them. As parents, it’s our responsibility that they feel safe, comfortable, and optimistic towards their future. We want to guide them as best we can, while giving them their needed space.

These are 5 signs that your teen is needing support in certain areas. Increased irritability, isolating themselves, struggling with school, a loss of interest in extracurricular activities, and self harming behaviors are just a few of the signs to notice. Teen therapy is a great way to provide them with a safe space to process, understand, and take action about these areas they need support in. 

This blog shares 5 signs it’s time to start teen counseling.

Online teen therapy in Simi Valley, Ca is a convenient way for teens to seek out professional mental health support from the comfort of their bed.

5 Signs Your Teen Needs Support: Increased irritability

teens hanging out after one teen had online anxiety therapy and he feels better

Increased irritability can appear in a few different ways. Perhaps they are showing signs of irritability with others, whether that be with friends, family, or school/coaches. Some signs of irritability may be rushed talking, having upset facial expressions, giving up quickly, and walking away or leaving a situation.

You may notice irritability in their tone or body language. They may sound more annoyed or bothered lately. It can feel like everything you’re doing or saying is wrong to them, for example. Your teen may have crossed arms, take deep breaths in and exhale them quickly and loudly, or roll their eyes.

With irritability, it may be hard to hold conversations with them as well. They may appear defensive quickly or shut down talking about something. While this experience can be upsetting, it’s important to not take personal offense to their irritability.

Irritability is a sign of anxiety and/or depression. Your teen may be harboring difficult feelings inside of them that leave them feeling more on edge, tense, and overall out of patience. 

Anxiety therapy in Simi Valley, Ca helps teens understand where their anxiety stems from, and provides them with skill sets to manage it moving forward.

5 Signs Your Teen Needs Support: Isolating themselves

teen struggling with depression seeking depression therapy in Simi Valley ca

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Isolating themselves can look like spending large amounts of time in their room or alone elsewhere, like a park, a hiking trail, or a coffee shop. Although it’s normal for everyone to eventually retreat back to their own space, it’s noticeable when they may be isolating.

You want to consider that your teen needs alone time as well. Naturally, they may not want to spend as much time hanging around the family and may enjoy their solitude. However, isolation can be recognized if it is excessive.

It could be that during the day, your teen spends nearly all of their time in their room. They barely come out to use the restroom, grab food, or communicate with others. You may notice that your teen struggles to leave their bed, for example. They are lounging in bed, feeling unmotivated to get up from it.

When we isolate ourselves, it’s usually due to feelings of overwhelm, sadness, and an overall lack of motivation.

Depression therapy in Simi Valley, Ca offers a space for teens to be emotionally vulnerable and talk about difficult, distressing feelings going on for them. 

5 Signs Your Teen Needs Support: Struggling with school

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Your teen may be struggling with school lately. It could be that your teen is not a straight A student, but usually does fairly well in their classes. They typically get their homework done, get good grades on quizzes and tests, and attend on a regular basis.

Lately, it seems that they are struggling with school more. Maybe the subjects they are taking are getting more complicated and difficult to understand. Your teen may be struggling with focusing and concentrating on their assignments or studying.

Teens may not be as vulnerable and open with their school performance with you. It can be something that they feel embarrassed or ashamed about. You might learn that they’re struggling with school from seeing report cards or inquiring about how things are going.

It’s important to approach these situations with patience and understanding. You do not want to shame your teen for struggling in school – you want to uplift them and support them. It’s okay to be struggling and need to seek out additional support, and they should know this.

ADHD treatment in Simi Valley, Ca helps your teen with motivation, focus, and concentration by providing them with skill sets and coping mechanisms for their symptoms.

5 Signs Your Teen Needs Support: Loss of interest in extracurricular activities 

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You may notice a loss of interest in extracurricular activities, such as any hobbies or sport activities they participate in. Maybe they used to really enjoy painting or doing forms of artwork. Lately, they haven’t been wanting to paint anything or create anything.

It could be that they’re bored of any sport they participate in and no longer want to attend practices or games. While it can be normal for teens to grow out of things they used to enjoy and move on to new interests, a loss of interest can be evident.

By connecting with your teen, you can understand what may have sparked this loss of interest. Could it be an issue with their teammates or coaches, which led them to not want to be a part of it anymore? Or, do they share that they no longer find joy out of it, and are uninterested in continuing?

Family counseling in Simi Valley, Ca can offer a space for all members of the family to feel heard, validated, and supported throughout the therapeutic process.

5 Signs Your Teen Needs Support: Self harming behaviors

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Your teen may be engaging in self harming behaviors. This is a serious indication of needing support, and should be approached with understanding, care, and a desire to help. Self harming can show itself in numerous ways.

One way is through self-mutilation. This looks like burning their skin or cutting their skin with razor blades or scissors. They may punch themselves or leave marks on their body as well. Oftentimes, these injuries can be non-fatal and are used to relieve intense feelings of sadness or frustration.

It could be that your teen is abusing substances, such as alcohol, marijuana, or nicotine. While it is normal for teens to experiment with substances to some extent, they may be using these substances to feel numb. It could be to “drown their sorrows” by drinking, for example.

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In these cases, we often recommend they seek out an IOP (intensive outpatient program) for self harming behaviors. We also want to assess for suicidality in having thoughts of suicide or a plan for suicide. 

Connect with a mental health professional to understand the best route of treatment for your teen. If you see any of these 5 signs, it’s a good idea to begin the process of enrolling them in therapy. The sooner they begin sessions, the sooner they will be able to develop coping mechanisms, practice skill sets, and learn to self regulate. 

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