3 Things to Expect in Anxiety Therapy

You’re here to understand 3 things to expect in anxiety therapy. This could be the first time that you are seeking anxiety therapy for yourself. You have heard about how the therapy process works, but aren’t entirely sure.

Your anxiety symptoms seem to debilitate you and take over your life. You may feel constantly tense, on edge, and overall uncomfortable. It may feel like at times you can get a handle on it, but in reality, you know you are needing that additional support.

First of all, be proud of yourself for reaching out. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you are struggling, and seek that help out. Getting started in anxiety therapy can be nerve wracking, especially when you are unsure of what to expect. 

When you make that phone call to get started, you are already making progress towards being the boss of your anxiety. Putting yourself out there isn’t easy, but professionals are ready to begin providing you support.

3 things you can expect in anxiety therapy is vulnerability, support and understanding, and getting to work. Our therapists in Simi Valley mainly utilize cognitive behavioral theories with their clients. They want to ensure that clients feel they can be vulnerable with us. And to share what’s going through their head. Feeling supported and understood is a number 1 priority as well. Finally, you will begin learning how to challenge your thoughts and create the life you want to live.

Looking up “anxiety therapist near me” in Moorpark will bring up our amazing group of clinicians that have a passion for working with anxiety. Our team of therapist at Simi Psychological Group are here to help you manage and cope with your anxiety. To speak with one of our anxiety therapists near Thousand Oaks, give us a call at (805) 842-1994.

3 Things to Expect in Anxiety Therapy: Vulnerability

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In anxiety therapy near you in Simi Valley, you can expect that you will be vulnerable. It’s not always easy coming out of your shell, and maybe that’s why you’re seeking anxiety therapy in the first place. You want to learn how to express yourself, advocate for yourself, or maybe even be yourself.

Being vulnerable doesn’t always come naturally to people. It may be that you need time to warm up to someone before you can act silly or goofy around them. Maybe you hide your emotions behind a mask and don’t allow yourself to let others know how you are feeling. 

In anxiety therapy in Simi Valley, you will be asked to open up about yourself. This can look like sharing difficult emotions or feelings around certain things. Maybe, even thinking about situations makes you feel nervous, therefore you want to avoid it.

However, it’s important to begin being vulnerable with your therapist and sitting with that discomfort. Your therapist’s role is to fully understand you and your needs. They want to make sure they have a clear picture and understanding of what’s going on. 

From there, you can determine treatment goals, identify key cognitive thoughts, and work with them to see how you can best treat the anxiety you are currently experiencing. As you go on in session, being vulnerable and opening up may come easier and even feel better!

If you feel like anxiety is preventing you from living your life, call us today to get started in online therapy in Simi Valley.

3 Things to Expect in Anxiety Therapy: Support and Understanding

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It’s guaranteed that you can expect support and understanding from anxiety therapy. Struggling with anxiety is common and normal, and a lot of people feel misunderstood for their anxiety. It’s also possible that they are not entirely supported for their anxiety as well.

It can be frustrating trying to explain your experience with anxiety and not having anyone understand what that’s like for you. You want someone that’s able to sit with you and make you feel supported and understood.

You can expect that your therapist will provide you with support and understanding throughout the therapeutic process. As they are highly knowledgeable in their understanding of anxiety, they will provide you with psychoeducation around the disorder.

Therapists also understand what it is like to struggle with anxiety. They understand the social, personal, and biological aspects of anxiety. Therapists also understand the best way to go about treating anxiety too.

Online anxiety therapy in Ventura County, Ca is a convenient way to start making real changes in your life.

3 Things to Expect in Anxiety Therapy: Getting to work

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One final thing to expect in anxiety therapy is getting to work! No, not like your job. But working to begin making change in your anxiety. This can be scary or a challenge for some people. They may wonder how am I going to change this way of life?

There are many ways to get to work in therapy. Being open and vulnerable about what you’re going through is one of them. Cognitive restructuring, or reshaping your thoughts and perceptions, is another. Challenging your negative thoughts and standing up for yourself, for example.

You may be assigned homework for practicing mantras or affirmations for anxiety, such as “Just because I have these negative thoughts, does not mean they are true.” There may be tasks such as practicing breathing exercises, positive self talk, and more to work through your anxiety.

Your therapist will use various modalities of cognitive behavioral therapy to help address your therapy. You can read about the different methods they use by going to Simi Psychological Group’s website and reading all about our team. 

Are you struggling with anxiety? We want you to know that you do not have to fight your battles alone. At Simi Psychological Group, we are committed to helping our patients work through their mental health issues. To schedule an online or in-person session with one of our anxiety therapists in Moorpark, call (805) 842-1994.

Looking up “anxiety therapist near me” in Simi Valley will bring up our amazing group of clinicians that have a passion for working with anxiety.

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