Why Consider Online Therapy for Teens

Online therapy for teens may be the way to go. Many teens thrive when they are in their own space. They are given the opportunity to truly feel comfortable. Possibly your teen has been more withdrawn lately. It can be concerning as a parent to see that your teen has been facing a lack of motivation. Maybe they go to bed late at night, and sleep in until the afternoon. When they do get up, they come downstairs sluggishly, grab some cereal from the pantry, and barely acknowledge you. You may receive a reserved “hi,” but then that’s all before they march back up to their room.

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You respect your teen and their privacy, but you wonder why they are so cooped up in their room. Are they playing that one video game? Are they just laying there, staring at the ceiling consumed by their own thoughts? Did they have a decent breakfast today? How was school this morning? 

All these thoughts race through your head, creating anxiety for you as their bedroom door has become a roadblock in your relationship. You don’t want to take away their right to privacy, but you want to get a better understanding of what’s going on. 

Perhaps it plays out for you like this..

You knock on your teen’s bedroom door. You hear a faint “come in!” from the inside, and slowly push it open. The first thing you notice is a huge pile of clothes on the floor, on their chair, everywhere! The room looks like a tornado hit. You are disappointed that your child let their room get this messy. They are letting the mess pile up on their desk. They may be struggling with depression symptoms and have little to no energy to clean their space or themselves. You want to get them a therapist, but they already dislike leaving their room as it is. Or maybe you just realize that they are more comfortable in their own space. Online therapy is an option now! With the pandemic, most therapists have switched to online platforms. This is great, as your child can begin connecting with a therapist from the comfort of their safe space. 

The truth is, a lot of teens are struggling right now. 

In online teen therapy, we work with your teen to provide the support and guidance they need. Reaching out is the first step in the process of becoming who they want to be and feeling happy and content in their lives.

Parents are faced with new challenges everyday on how to best care for their teen. Sometimes, your teen may need an extra push to get the ball rolling on practicing self care, getting fresh air outside, or completing simple tasks. Your teen’s depression or anxiety can be very draining and take up a lot of time and energy. 

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They are already anxious about themselves and their surroundings and may feel socially anxious at the thought of meeting someone in person. Every teen struggles differently and faces things differently. 

It’s true that teenagers feel comfortable in their own space with their own rules. They are growing into budding independence and want to make the rules for themselves, even though you may not agree with them. Their behaviors and decisions may concern you as well, like when they are too depressed to shower or clean their room. When the idea of online therapy comes up, there is an array of possibilities and reasons why it may be best for some teens.

The biggest downside of not looking into online therapy is that it leaves a box unchecked. Your teen may be more comfortable with meeting with someone in online therapy especially if they struggle socially or with motivation. 

Why Consider Online Therapy for Teens: Privacy

Teens value privacy. They don’t want their parents to strip their doors away, poke their head in the room every 30 minutes, or monitor their online internet usage. It is perfectly understandable for you, as a parent, to want to do these things. At the end of the day, you just want to make sure your teen is safe, happy, and not doing anything wrong. You care deeply for your child and just want to ensure that they’re OK. 

It may feel a little too dependent on you if teens are needing you to take them to therapy at this time and this date. Teens have the control to work around their schedule with their therapist and determine these times and dates alone at home. Although they may need you for other reasons, this gives teens more flexibility. 

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At Simi Psychological Group our Online Therapy platform is aligned with HIPAA compliant rules, meaning that each session is 100% confidential and private.

Teens don’t need to worry about anyone else hearing what is going on, as the therapist conducts the session from their own safe and quiet place.

When having your teen do Online Therapy, they will feel comfortable in their private environment. Make sure your teen has a safe, private location to conduct sessions where no family members or animals can cause distractions.

Why Consider Online Therapy for Teens: Comfort

As mentioned before, teens may not want to get up, dressed, and prepared to go out and see their therapist. They may be feeling really down that day, with little motivation. In this case, they can easily switch on their computer or tablet and begin a therapy session. This session can be within the comfort of their bed, room, kitchen table, or outside in a safe spot. 

They don’t have to worry about appearance or going out into public spaces. They don’t have to put on a mask to go out and pretend they are OK until they see their therapist. Teens have the option to be 100% themselves, vulnerable and emotional, over online therapy. 

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This helps keep both your teen and the therapist safe as they are in their respected, separate areas.

Especially during this pandemic, Online Therapy in Los Angeles and Ventura County keeps everyone involved safe. Many of us have vulnerable relatives who we must be careful and considerate about when going out into public. Some individuals simply do not want to go into public at all due to the risks and dangers of catching the virus. With online teen therapy, there is no need to worry about these things.

It is very convenient to do online therapy at home or at a safe place with a WiFi connection. There is no need to work around your work schedule/busy schedule in order to drive your teen to therapy and pick them up an hour later. That can be really inconvenient and sometimes is cause for people to choose not to go to therapy at all. Online teen counseling provides the utmost flexibility for therapy appointments. 

Why Consider Online Therapy for Teens: Need

The need for therapy continues to rise year after year. Families experience trauma from natural disasters, family issues, friend issues, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, and much more. It can be difficult to constantly go into different offices to meet with therapists and determine if there’s a connection. This can take a toll on your time and gas. 

Simi Psychological Group has a team of therapists and psychologists who provide online therapy. We are committed to providing the most protected, comfortable, and efficient services over online therapy. Through a platform called Telehealth which is easy to use and set up. We send our video chat links out to our clients, and all you need to do is click on the link at the appointment time. At the end of the appointment, our therapists and you simply log out.

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Our therapists are highly trained and qualified to provide therapeutic services over video chat.

Not only did they adapt quickly and appropriately to today’s COVID19 atmosphere, but they continue to support their clients just as well as they did in person. Although some therapists are taking in-person, we have an amazing online therapy option as well.

Consider checking out our website at https://simipsychologicalgroup.com to find out more information.  Each therapist is highly qualified in working with teens therapy and adolescent counseling.

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