3 Things to Expect in Trauma Therapy

You’re here to understand what you can expect in trauma therapy. Seeking out therapy for your trauma can be intimidating. Whether it be childhood trauma you’re wanting to process, or recent trauma that has occurred. You’ve been distressed and want to seek help.

Trauma can come from a number of different things. Witnessing trauma, having had something done to you, or knowing of a traumatic event. Our body responds to trauma in a number of ways: behavioral, physical, and emotional. 

Untreated trauma can take a toll on our body and minds. It can affect us and our relationships. However, we may operate differently in social situations than we used to. Or – we may just avoid going out in general. Therefore, this makes us feel isolated, alone, frustrated, or overall depressed.

Seeking out trauma therapy is not an easy process. Reliving that trauma and working through it can be very challenging, at times maybe very distressing for you. Therefore, you should be proud that you’re taking these steps to begin making change and live the life you want to live.

3 things to expect in trauma therapy are: that you’ll have a safe, judgment free space. You can talk openly about your trauma and relive it in a safe and supportive environment. You will be seen and validated for your trauma. In conclusion, you will expect to get to work on your trauma, which can be uncomfortable in itself. 

Trauma based therapy in Simi Valley is available now to help you work through difficult moments and feelings in a safe environment. Simi Psychological Group is the proud leading provider of trauma based therapy services in Simi Valley. To learn more bout our services, call us today at (805) 842-1994.

3 Things to Expect in Trauma Therapy: Having a safe, judgment free space

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In trauma based therapy, you will have a safe, judgment free space. It could be that on a regular basis, you feel fearful. Maybe even anxious at times for no reason. You could be looking over your shoulder on the lookout for someone who has hurt you. Maybe you fear anticipated situations like a car crash waiting to happen.

Essentially, you live your life in caution and fear, anticipating that something bad or unexpected will happen. This is a stressful way to live, and you know it. You’re seeking change and to find that environment where you can let go and be yourself.

In the room, you will have a safe and judgment free environment. You do not have to worry about anything happening to you and can be reassured knowing it’s just you and the therapist. 

You are free to cry, express frustration, sadness, or anger in session. It’s important to feel that you can express yourself and let your emotions out, as processing them is important. Your therapist will not judge you and will work to ensure you continue to feel comfortable in the environment with them.

Online trauma therapy works to provide you with a safe environment from the comfort of your bed or any other space you feel comfortable in.

3 Things to Expect in Trauma Therapy: Being seen and validated

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You can expect to be seen and validated in trauma therapy sessions. Maybe in everyday life, you don’t experience being seen or validated. However, it could be that people in your life, whether it’s friends, family, or coworkers, don’t understand what you have been through. And in turn, this is difficult for you. 

Unfortunately, maybe some people don’t believe you. They may accuse you of making this trauma up, lying, or attention seeking. As a person who has experienced trauma, this can be incredibly distressing. However, it’s not your responsibility to convince people of your truth, and you shouldn’t do that anyway.

What you should do instead is seek out someone who will support you from the jump. They will make sure that you feel seen for what you have gone through. It’s important to them that you have a place to share your story from start to finish.

On top of this, you’ll also be validated for what you have experienced and what you are currently feeling. Feeling frustrated and angry? That makes perfect sense. Feeling depressed and overwhelmed? Of course, that was a LOT for you. 

Trauma therapists are experienced in providing you with a safe space to process your trauma. They are also skilled in knowledge around trauma, trauma responses, and how individuals who’ve gone through trauma experience everyday life. 

Trauma therapy in Simi Valley Ca works with children, teens, and adults to provide them with the support they need.

3 Things to Expect in Trauma Therapy: Getting to work, which may be uncomfortable

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Working and processing through your trauma in therapy can be uncomfortable. It can be definitely challenging to relive your trauma, think about it again, and have to talk about it. We know this is hard for you, and applaud you for taking these steps to overcome trauma.

Trauma therapists know how difficult this process can be for you. It’s important to not rush through trauma based therapy, but to take your time. This can look like taking your time to open up to your therapist, or even begin talking about your traumatic event.

Working with a therapist you trust and feel comfortable with is the best way to begin this process. Knowing you have the support system next to you in the room can make it a whole lot easier to go through. 

Getting to work may look like talking about the trauma, reliving it in your mind, and learning about coping mechanisms for moving forward. Your therapist will provide the most effective treatment plan for you, and you two will work together through this process.

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If you have faced trauma and struggle with the aftermath, you are not alone. Call us today to inquire about trauma therapy and begin creating real change in your life.

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