How to be Emotionally Vulnerable

You’re wondering how to be emotionally vulnerable with your partner. Whether you are in a relationship or a marriage together, you still feel that you have your wall up.

Perhaps, you even just want to be emotionally vulnerable with friends or family, too. Your guard is up because of how you were treated in the past. It’s difficult for you to be vulnerable, even though you desperately want to.

When we are emotionally vulnerable with our partners, it’s easier to have healthy communications about our needs. In the past, you may have experienced being unable to truly open up about your feelings or needs. Maybe you were shamed for having them, or shut down for trying to talk about them.

Emotional vulnerability is the ability or willingness to express or acknowledge one’s emotions. This could look like being open about being scared to trust someone.

Communicating that you have a fear of trusting someone can be a difficult thing, especially if you’ve felt like you couldn’t be vulnerable before.

It could be that emotions are painful for you to share. Such as your anxiety, your sadness, insecurities, or even your happiness. However, it doesn’t have to be scary to be vulnerable. With the right people and patience, you can learn how to be emotionally vulnerable!

Anxiety therapy in Simi Valley, Ca can help you address the fear behind allowing yourself to be emotionally vulnerable. The sooner you begin to treat your anxiety, the sooner you will experience relief.

How to be Emotionally Vulnerable: Process your past

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Processing your past is the first step in learning how to be emotionally vulnerable with your partner. If you have suffered trauma from past relationships, you know this is difficult.

Perhaps you were shut down for wanting to talk about insecurities. You were deemed as being “crazy”, or that your feelings were not that big of a deal. 

You can work on processing your past by seeking out anxiety therapy or depression therapy. When we gain skill sets to cope with past trauma, we are better equipped to face them in the future. It’s important to provide yourself with that extra support and relief.

When we don’t address past traumas, we can impact others negatively. You were rightfully hurt, and you are rightfully upset about that. However, you don’t want to translate what happened to you with someone else. 

Therapy in Simi Valley will help you find ways to process your past in a healthy way. At Simi Psychological Group, our therapists are dedicated to providing you with a safe space to reflect on difficult moments in your life. 

Address your trauma in anxiety therapy in Simi Valley, Ca to be given skill sets and tools to cope. You don’t have to feel like you’re going through this alone anymore!

How to be Emotionally Vulnerable: Practice acknowledging your feelings

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It can be difficult to label our emotions when they come up for us. Our therapists at Simi Psychological Group provide you with skill sets to acknowledge your feelings. A good way to become emotionally vulnerable is to practice acknowledging your feelings.

What comes up for you when you hear your partner say something concerning? Anxiety, anger, or sadness? Begin to label any physical symptoms you may have with your emotions.

It definitely takes practice and will not be an overnight thing. Remember to be gentle and patient with yourself in identifying what feelings are coming up for you. Journaling is a great way to further explore and understand your emotions. 

When we’re able to identify these feelings, we are better able to cope with them. There are a variety of coping mechanisms that you can implement into your daily routine. This might look like countering negative thoughts, practicing grounding exercises, or breathing exercises.

Seeking out support can be intimidating. You may not know where to begin, or what steps to take to get started. Inquire about therapy in Simi Valley today, with our intake coordinator Allison.

How to be Emotionally Vulnerable: Learn how to trust yourself again

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Learning to trust yourself again is a big step in becoming emotionally vulnerable. It takes a lot of effort, time, and patience. It can be scary to trust yourself. You may not feel like you are ready to do this. And just know, that is completely normal, and it is ok to feel that way.

There are a few ways we can learn to trust ourselves again. We can start believing in ourselves and believing that we do deserve love and kindness. Starting anxiety therapy in Simi Valley, Ca is a great way to develop a plan to achieve self-trust again.

It could be that the lack of self-trust is preventing us from trusting others. Maybe we want to feel right in the decisions that we make, and not second guess ourselves anymore. It could be that we are wanting to improve in staying firm in our boundaries with ourselves or others. 

Whatever your goal may be for depression therapy in Simi Valley, just know our therapists are ready and prepared to help you achieve that. It takes strength to admit you can use help. Sometimes we can be so prideful and want to figure it all out on our own.

When we do seek support in learning to trust ourselves again, we can rebuild the relationship with ourselves, as well as with others. We can feel free enough to be emotionally vulnerable – to express ourselves and our feelings. There is no need to feel anxious or worried about sharing who you are. 

Are you ready to get started in learning how to be emotionally vulnerable again? Check us out here, and learn about how you can get in touch with us for a free consultation today. 

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