3 Things Parents Can Do For a Suicidal Teen

It can be scary knowing your teen struggles with suicidal thoughts. They may or may not reveal the extent of their pain. Feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness come up for them. They may not be open about how they feel about themselves. You want to support your teen with suicidal thoughts.

Suicidal thoughts should be taken seriously and not lightly. It’s important that your teen knows you are there for them. To listen to them. Empathize with them. Help guide them to finding proper support. 

Professional help such as talk therapy or IOP are recommended; however, you can play a big part. As their parents, they look up to you. They want to come to you for validation and support. You have a lot of power to help make real change.

teen feeling depressed struggling with suicidal thoughts needing depression therapy in Simi Valley, ca, 93065

You know you want to see your teen persevere through this. It’s important for your teen to see themselves for who they are: worthy. Deserving of love. Special. You are saddened by their emotional state of mind.

They may struggle with being dismissive or isolated. This can make it feel hard to be there for them in their darkest moments. Learn 4 ways to help them with teenage angst.

Teen therapy in Simi Valley, Ca, can help address your teen’s suicidal ideations.

3 Things Parents Can Do For a Suicidal Teen: Take it seriously

Oftentimes, parents may not take their teen’s mental health seriously. They may label their depression as laziness. Their anxiety as attention seeking. Their substance abuse as simply wanting to look cool. Parents feel like they didn’t endure that, why are their teens?

It’s important to take your teen’s mental health seriously. Signs of depression including lack of motivation, personal hygiene care, and interest can become severe. When you believe your teen, they feel more comfortable opening up about it because they may withdraw or keep quiet about hurtful things. It’s possible they are afraid of your judgment.

Mental health issues in teens are not teen melodrama. It’s important to not let issues snowball into something greater. If a teen presents with self harm, there are risks for them to continue self harming. When they open up about something, take it seriously on the spot. Learn 5 ways to help a self harming teen. If you are struggling mentally, you would want to be understood as well. You would want to be treated with kindness and understanding. Offer that to your teen, and it’s likely they will offer the support back. 

Dismissing their mental health issues may be painful to them. They will feel alienated from you. That you do not believe their true pain. They will tell themselves that maybe they are overreacting. However, untreated mental illness can grow severe. In order to prevent future depressive episodes or self harm, they need to work on it in the present time.

teen girl struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts needing depression therapy in Simi Valley, ca, 93063

Mental health stigmas are everywhere. Older generations may believe in the stigmas more. This could be due to them being told to “toughen up” “not be so soft” or “get over it”. You may believe that your teen should do those things as well. However, there are resources available to help with mental health. It is a true issue in teens, deserving of awareness. Learn about why there is a stigma in mental health/therapy.

Here are some starter sentences to get your teen to open up. Therapy in Simi Valley is a great option to involve all members of the family in the process.

Simi Valley therapists for teen therapy can help provide a safe space for your teen.

3 Things Parents Can Do For a Suicidal Teen: Listen and show your teen that you see them

Listening to them is very important. Just listening, understanding, and repeating back to them how they feel because you don’t need to have the advice altogether. Don’t worry about whether or not you can fix this problem for them. Just hear them out, and let them know you see them. You see their pain and want to support them in finding help. 

Take note of recent life events that may have affected them. Did they lose a boy/girlfriend or best friend lately? Maybe they are hurting from that. Did they lose a close family member? Check in with them about these things to let them know you are listening.

It can feel scary talking to your teen. Maybe at times they get irritable or reserved, and don’t want to communicate with you. Remember to be patient and gentle about things. You don’t want to demand that they talk about anything, however, don’t put pressure on yourself to have it all figured out. 

Have you noticed your teen abusing substances lately? Maybe they are experimenting with drugs or alcohol? Although teens are notorious for experimenting with substances at this age, it doesn’t make it okay. Make sure your teen feels safe opening up with you about their substance use. Learn about substance use in teenagers and what may be causing it. 

teen feeling depressed and suicidal lately needing simi valley therapist near Simi Valley, ca, 93063

Perhaps you notice signs that your teen is much more reserved than normal. Hanging around in their room a lot. Not really coming down for meals. No engagement with the family or their friends. Maybe, you even hear them crying or sniffling from time to time. 

Talking with your teens about mental health does not have to be awkward. In fact, it can be a great moment for you to bond. Let them know you’ve been thinking about them, and you see them hurting. 

Simi Valley therapy for depression helps you and your family receive the support you need and deserve. 

3 Things Parents Can Do For a Suicidal Teen: Seek professional help

It is courageous to ask for help. For your teen to come to you and be vulnerable like that. That is exactly what you want from your teen. To feel that they can trust you. Come to you with any issue. And know that you will be there to support them.

As a parent, you love and care for your teen. Seeking out professional help is the best option when they experience suicidal thoughts because you want to ensure they meet someone they can also be vulnerable with. 

Discouraging your teen from seeking help is not right. You want them to be confident in knowing that sometimes, humans struggle. If they know that sometimes you struggle, they won’t feel as alone. Let them know how great it is that they’re getting help. 

You may be wondering, how am I included in the process? In teen therapy in Simi Valley, Ca, you are included in a number of ways! You will not be left in the dark about your teen’s progress and goals.

teen struggling with depression self harm and suicidal thoughts needing therapy in Simi Valley,ca, 93065

Learn more about the difference between talk therapy and IOP. IOP stands for intensive outpatient program. Teens experiencing severe depression, suicidal tendencies, or ideations are recommended to go into those programs. They may step down into talk therapy. If they don’t have intentions to hurt themselves, but struggle with suicidal thoughts, seek out a therapist. 

Help is available for both you and your teen in Simi Valley. You don’t want to see them mentally hurting, and you are glad they asked you for help. In conclusion, knowing your teen, they have SO much to offer to the world! They just may not know it yet. 

Teen therapy for depression and suicidal thoughts in Simi Valley, Ca, is here for you!

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