How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

We have all been there. Feeling burnt out, drained, overwhelmed, tired, stressed. It’s hard to condense everything to make it all make sense. It feels like everything is unmanageable, and out of our control. When we feel overwhelmed, we most likely feel resistant to continuing. Whether it be tasks at work, homework and studying, or even daily hobbies or activities.

It’s clear that we’re feeling tired and running low on fuel. We are needing a change in pace to get back on track and feel organized in our lives. However, we’re unsure of where to begin. We may struggle with many things at once, draining our energy. 

Reviewing all of our stressors, what stands out the most to us? Could it be that we are lacking in sleep, therefore sleeping in too late and rushing through the mornings? Perhaps you are struggling to keep up with a financial plan that balances out your debts and current payments, leaving you frustrated. 

Whatever the issue may be that keeps you feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to take action to become the boss over your anxiety. You have the power to create real change in your life!

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How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed: Practice time management

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Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed because you are juggling a lot. It could be that you struggle to balance time to yourself, your social life, your work, school, or hobbies. You find that you are not dedicating enough time to areas of your life that you would like to.

Therefore, when you are doing something less desirable, such as work or school, you feel overwhelmed. Maybe even rushing through assignments or projects just to get them over with. You may struggle with planning ahead and not procrastinating. 

Practicing time management will help you a lot in feeling less overwhelmed and stressed out. Although it can be tricky to get the hang of, you have the ability to develop these habits if you practice them enough times. 

This could look like sticking to a “bedtime” for your electronics, so that you are no longer looking at your phone/computer going into late hours of the night. You find that you often get distracted by your electronic devices at night time, therefore you get a lack of sleep. Consider journaling, reading, or giving yourself 15-20 minutes to relax in bed before you fall asleep.

Another idea for practicing time management could be purchasing a calendar or daily planner. Although planners aren’t always convenient if you don’t use bags/backpacks often, you can keep one wherever you are the most. Such as near your bedside or at your work space.

Plan out your tasks and goals for the day, or even week. Label any assignments or projects due, whether they’re personal or school/work related. Did you know that if you begin working on something, and tell yourself you’ll only engage for 2 minutes, your brain may 

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How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed: Maintain firm boundaries

Maintaining firm boundaries is a great way to stop feeling overwhelmed. It could be that your friends or family members are constantly wanting you to see them or go out with them. You know that you need sleep, and are tired, but they insist upon your arrival. 

Perhaps your friend is really needing your help on a certain project, but if you dedicate too much time to them, you will lose crucial time on your own project. Eventually, making things harder for yourself. 

Whatever the case may be, maintain firm boundaries. Practice saying “no” a lot, and even try saying no without an explanation to follow up. Although it’s a good thing to be trusted by people, you don’t want anyone taking advantage of your time.

By maintaining firm boundaries, you are taking control of your time and energy. If work is requesting you to stay later than usual, stick to replying with, “sorry, I’m only available to work until the end of my shift. I cannot stay later.” If you find that your work is constantly guilt tripping you or pushing your boundaries, it’s a good idea to explore other job options. There are people who care about you, not just your labor.

Maintain firm boundaries with yourself as well! Don’t procrastinate on important things because you are feeling a lack of effort or overwhelm. Take charge, and create a plan to get things done. Hold yourself accountable to turn off electronics at certain times, attend to certain matters, and to give yourself time to breathe!

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How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed: Prioritize self care

Prioritize doing things for yourself. Do you find that you are always dedicating time to other things, maybe split into multiple things at once? Perhaps you have a work project one day, but your friends also wanted to go out for drinks, but your partner also wanted to see you. You know you want to do all three things today, but are getting frustrated with balancing all of that. 

Prioritize self care for yourself. This could look like selecting a few days out of the month to reserve just for yourself and activities you enjoy engaging in! Whether it be independent or with someone, you could plan for a hiking day, a beach day, a stay-at-home-with-movie-marathon day, or more. You could even just plan a day to keep your phone on do-not disturb the whole time to enjoy your own company.

When we do this, we take autonomy over our time and energy. We reserve them for things that really matter to us! And ultimately, we will end up feeling a lot more happy and relieved when things go our way. 

You don’t have to struggle with constantly feeling overwhelmed! Make a plan and stick to it by practicing self discipline. You have the power to create real change in your life and in your mind! Put your needs first and watch how much easier life can be to handle. 

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