3 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

Lately, you and your partner have been wanting to find ways to improve your relationship. You both know you have the power to create and maintain real change. While you keep your arguments and bickering to a minimum, sometimes you both slip. Maybe you end up losing your temper and getting angry, and your partner shuts off and isolates themselves. 

Whatever the issue may be, both of you recognize that you both engage in unhealthy behaviors and want to take the steps necessary to change that! Being in a committed relationship, you know you want this to last. Having your partner feel safe and secure is your number one priority. 

Although you may not have major issues together, you realize that you both always have room to grow and improve as individuals. The two of you together are ready to be there for each other in ways you did not think possible. This relationship makes both of you feel happy and fulfilled, therefore, you want to maintain that!

Whether it be for simple guidance or working through past issues, couples counseling is always a great idea to make sure you are hitting all the nails on the head. 

Couples therapy in Simi Valley, Ca, provides both you and your partner a safe, neutral space to express your feelings.

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship: Maintain healthy communication

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Maintain healthy communication with your partner. This can look like frequently using “I” statements when you are feeling upset about something. Perhaps you’re able to recognize that when something upsets you, it’s best to talk about it in a positive, timely manner. This is so that your concerns do not bottle up in you until you explode.

You recognize that your partner deserves to be treated with respect, and vice versa. When approaching difficult situations, you want to ensure you maintain the same level of maturity and calamity that you would want to have. 

Even if you feel that your partner is trying to get under your skin, model the behavior you wish to see from them. Both you and your partner know right from wrong when it comes to talking about difficult topics. Maybe something from the past is unresolved and still triggers one of you. Maybe you dislike how your partner has been handling life’s curveballs lately. 

By keeping up with your unspoken promises to each other to maintain healthy communication, you are strengthening the relationship. Neither of you have to worry about walking on thin ice, beating around the bush, or feel scared to bring a certain topic up.

Issues can usually be resolved through simple conversation. Even though the conversation will not entail sunshine and rainbows, and one of you may express emotional distress, you will avoid causing any further unnecessary pain to one another.

Marriage counseling in Simi Valley, Ca, provides you with tools for maintaining healthy communication.

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship: Take time apart for your own interests

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It’s important that you and your partner are not spending every waking moment together. Although it’s nice and you most likely consider them your best friend, this can be unhealthy. It can lead to unnecessary conflict. Possibly, you experience that when you spend too much time with your partner, you feel more easily annoyed by them. 

Having downtime to yourselves, and creating space so that you miss each other, is a great idea to strengthen your relationship. Taking the time to attend to your own personal hobbies or interests can feel relaxing and give you your own space. If you and your partner enjoy the same hobbies or interests, you could have days where you engage together, and some days where you are independent.

It’s important to allow space to be your own individual. Although it can be nice to experience all walks of life with your partner, it’s important to appreciate yourself individually as well. This can look like having your own down time, even if you are still in the same house. Maybe going to different places in the home, and having space to yourselves.

Online couples therapy in Simi Valley, Ca, provides you and your partner flexibility to join sessions from different areas.

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship: Support each other in every way possible

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Supporting each other in every way possible does not have to be a challenge! This isn’t meant in the sense where you should always financially support your partner, for example. But rather, support your partner in whatever their heart desires.

If this looks like them wanting to try out a new activity, such as kickboxing, support their goals and aspirations. Maybe they want to learn how to knit or sew clothes together. Even if they aren’t artistically phenomenal, they will appreciate your support throughout the process.

Wanting to start school up again or seek out another job is also something that they’d want your support on. It’s understandable that not everything is financially feasible, and some propositions may leave you feeling worried for the future. Should I support my partner in leaving their full time job with benefits, for the unknown? 

In the end, it’s always a great idea to consult with a couples therapist. A couples therapist will be able to help you and your partner identify areas that have potential to grow and strengthen. Seeking out a marriage counselor will also help provide the both of you with a neutral space to talk about difficult subjects.

Couples counselors not only support the both of you, but aid in helping you gain differing perspectives or understandings of each other. When an issue comes up that you feel would be tough to resolve on your own, consider short term therapy. 

A couples therapist in Simi Valley, Ca, will also be able to help you identify areas that could grow in yourselves as well. Consider starting virtual couples counseling with us, today! Or, we are also offering in-person sessions as well. 

Marriage counseling in Moorpark, Ca, helps you and your partner work on what really matters: your relationship. 

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