3 Signs Your Child Needs Therapy

Lately, you have been feeling worried about your child’s behaviors. They could be acting very emotional and sad, angry and mad, or quiet and withdrawn. Maybe some big changes have occured, and you want to make sure they feel supported.

We always want to make sure that our kids are feeling comfortable and safe. Childhood is an extremely crucial time for learning how to regulate or communicate emotions. When we tell our kids they are being dramatic or are discouraged from seeking help, they will not develop with a healthy mindset when it comes to mental health.

It’s important to make sure that our children know it’s okay to experience emotions and it’s okay to ask for help. We want to see our children be the best they can be, and parents play a major role in that. It’s our duty to stand up to guide and support them!

Maybe you are unsure of what to do next with these behavioral signs in your child. You know that you also want to gain tools and a better understanding. Seeking a child psychologist is a great idea, as both you and your child would be supported.

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3 Signs Your Child Needs Therapy: Changes in behavior

Do you feel that your child has been showing concerning changes in behavior lately? Maybe they have become more angry or frustrated. They could be kicking or hurting others, or making concerning statements about hurting themselves. Maybe during games, if they do not win or advance from others, they want to storm off. Potentially, they even destroy the game set up and give up completely. 

If they are feeling anxious or stressed and struggle to regulate their emotions, it will show through tantrums. They may be displaying more tantrum behavior if they feel that their needs are not being met or that they are unable to communicate something properly. Children may squeal, have crocodile tears, or refuse to move from their seat. 

Your child may be suddenly deeply saddened or appear depressed. They may struggle with separation anxiety, and cry when you drop them off at school or a playdate. They show dependence on you or another family member to feel calm. If they cannot manage independently, that is a sign that they could benefit from exploring that fear.

Child psychologists in Simi Valley, Ca, can assess your child’s behavior to understand the best route of treatment.

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3 Signs Your Child Needs Therapy: Recent major life events/changes

Major life changes could classify as losing a loved one or friend, parents divorcing, moving, or more. Recently, with more schools resuming in-person counseling, children are also experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress. These are just a few of many examples of major life events.

Children are not able to adapt to such major life events as adults may be able to. It can leave them feeling confused, frustrated, or sad. Without tools to know how to process their emotions, they may act out in various ways. It’s important to be providing support and reassurance to your child during major life events or changes.

Perhaps their grandparent died, with whom they were very close to. They may feel heartbroken and sad, crying out for them. They may lack the tools to process their emotions, feeling depressed. While important that they understand the concept of death, it’s a good idea to provide them with a safe, non judgmental space to talk with a child therapist.

Change is hard for children. They would greatly benefit from a mental health professional to give them the tools to cope and self-regulate. 

Child therapy in Simi Valley, Ca, provides your child with a safe space to express their emotions.

3 Signs Your Child Needs Therapy: Parenting

Could it be that you recognize some traits in yourself that you want to work on? Maybe you notice that you are hovering over them too much, and not giving them enough space or privacy. You could be worried that you are being too overprotective, or maybe even not protective enough. 

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Perhaps you, yourself, are nervous and struggle with your own anxiety. It could be that you notice that your child is picking up on your anxiety and experiencing those emotions as well. Whatever the concern may be, child therapy offers lots of benefits for parents as well!

Child psychologists will be able to understand the parenting dynamics and “consequences” of your actions. They can help you understand the cause and effect of some parenting skills, whether it be positive or negative. 

Within child therapy, therapists also make sure they are finding ways to support YOU and help you achieve your own personal goals! You can share your concerns with the therapist and gain your own tools as well. This can be for your own self regulation, your own anxieties, or your own questions about the best way to go about parenting.

Child psychologists are here to help you, and answer your questions or concerns! Consider holding a free consultation today to understand if you and your child would benefit from therapy. 

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