Self Care Sunday Tips

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You’re probably wondering, what is self care Sunday? Does self care have to take place on Sunday? No, of course not! However, it signifies that there is a certain day of the week that you have no obligations and can take care of yourself! You put time aside to truly care for you.

Self care does not have to be bubble baths and face masks. There are tons of things that would count as self care! It all depends upon you and your interests, what relaxes you, and what resets you for the week ahead.

When we neglect engaging in self care, we may feel burnt out, exhausted, or irritated. It may feel hard to attend to others or things like your job, family, or social life. There may not feel like there’s time in your day to give anyone attention, such as being there for them emotionally.

Are you ready to begin prioritizing yourself and your own needs? It’s time to put yourself first and give yourself the down time you deserve! Whether it be alone or with close friends or family, the ball is in your court for what to do on this day.

Anxiety therapy in Simi Valley, Ca is a great place to begin your journey to incorporating more self care. 

Self Care Sunday Tips: Find a day that works best for you

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Analyze your typical schedule to begin planning your self care Sunday out. Do you have a consistent or inconsistent schedule for work or school? Maybe there are days you can expect to have off on a regular basis? Or, days off that change every week? Identify what those may be and plan accordingly!

Understand how much time you have in the day. What does your schedule look like, on your off days? Perhaps you have errands to run, such as going to the grocery story. It could be that your day off, you do all of the laundry, clean around the house, and schedule any appointments on that day.

It may be that you will only have a window of time during that day. Only a few hours in the morning, or a few hours at night around any other obligations you may have. In that case, plan your self care accordingly. Make sure you have any needed supplies, such as arts and crafts or that you’re able to be alone, for example.

Therapy in Simi Valley can conveniently work around your busy schedule; to ensure you receive support when it works for you. 

Self Care Sunday Tips: Plan out activities 

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Plan out what activities you like to engage in for self care. There’s an array of activities you can do that will relax you and recharge your energy. Think about some things you find fulfilling. Do you enjoy having downtime to read a book? Maybe you like to do something creative, like journaling or making a collage. 

Self care activities don’t have to look like bubble baths and face masks. Although, that is a good self care activity for those who feel relaxed by that. What makes you feel relieved? Are there any things you look forward to doing?

Perhaps there’s a record store you like to visit once a week. It’s fun for you to get ready for the day, drive out there, and shop around or enjoy the city. Self care doesn’t have to happen solely in your home, either. It could be at a favorite park, a favorite restaurant, or favorite city. 

You know yourself best and what your interests are. Maybe you have multiple interests and want to attend to them as much as possible. This could look like going to the beach, going thrifting, going mountain biking, and so much more!

Make a list of what you want to do. What gives you energy and leaves you feeling satisfied. Do you like to do these activities with a loved one, or in solitude? Perhaps you can coordinate with friends or family to ensure plans follow through. If in solitude, notify them that you will be unavailable for that period of time – unless in the case of an emergency. 

A Simi Valley psychotherapist is here to help you understand what activities help you reconnect with your body and mind.

Self Care Sunday Tips: Make it a habit

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Now that you’ve identified good days and times of the day, as well as what activities to engage in, make it a habit. Set reminders on your devices, or write them in on your calendars. Ensure you are prioritizing making this time for yourself and your wellbeing. 

It can be difficult to stick to a habit. It can take a person 21 days to form a habit, says researchers. Although you aren’t engaging in your self care on Sundays everyday, it’s possible that when you actively prioritize them, you will form a habit of maintaining them. 

You can also practice mini self cares in between. Maybe you had a long day at work and want to relax for a bit before bed. You can do small things like doing a foot mask, a face mask, or reading one chapter of a book.

When we continue to nourish ourselves with self care and love, we see changes in our overall perspective and attitude. We may feel less drained or exhausted. It’s possible to feel recharged and ready to take on the next day after truly attending to yourself.

In the end, getting started in therapy with a Simi Valley therapist is a great way to begin your journey to self care. Perhaps you don’t really know what relaxes you or makes you feel safe. It’s possible that you struggle with time management, or even believing that you are deserving of self care.

Look no further! Book a depression therapy session with us today to begin your journey to incorporating a Self Care Sunday in your life.

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