How to Calm Down a Hyper Child

You’re here to understand how to calm down a hyper child. Your child may be hyper for a few reasons. It’s definitely normal for children of all ages to have a lot of energy! They may move from one activity to another quickly. Perhaps they could bounce off the walls for hours and still not feel tired.

However, your child’s energetic behavior may be disruptive, such as in school settings or quiet time in the home. They may be restless, fidgety, or just bored in general. 

Perhaps they ate too much sugar in one sitting. It could be that they have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), but always consult with a professional for an official, proper diagnosis, such as a psychologist, therapist, or pediatrician. 

It’s important to be able to identify the reasoning behind their hyper behaviors. This way, you can understand the steps to take to support your child in calming them down. Also, help connect with their body and label their emotions. 

Are they feeling excited, nervous, or bored? Finally, have an arsenal of activities for them to engage in to engage some of their hyperactivity! 

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How to Calm Down a Hyper Child: Understanding the reasoning behind their behavior 

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Understanding the reasoning behind their behavior will bring a lot of clarity, as well as resolutions for you and your child. You can consider a few different factors. Maybe it is time to check in with a pediatrician or child psychologist in regards to your child potentially having ADHD. Maybe there are other factors, like a lack of exercise or too much sugar in a diet.

Maybe they have a lot of emotions going on for them, that they don’t know how to regulate. This can look like having a lot of excitement. A lot of nervousness. Or a lot of boredom where they don’t really know what to do with themselves. Perhaps they are eager for something to happen, like winning a game over and over. 

You can also check in with your child directly to understand their behavior, and they will tell you what they need. Maybe they are interested in trying out something new, like soccer or dance. Perhaps they are wanting to get more active in general, and want to go for walks around the neighborhood together or run around a park.

Enrolling your child in child therapy in Simi Valley, Ca provides them with a safe space to talk about their feelings.

How to Calm Down a Hyper Child: Help connect and label their bodily cues and emotions

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Help your child connect their emotions based on their bodily cues. Bodily cues could range from their heart rate. Any areas of tension in their body, like their back. Or labored breathing, or noticing that their breathing is different than normal. It’s important to help label emotions associated with these bodily cues.

When you help them put words to their feelings, you can give them choices about what might help them. This could be deep breathing, to regulate their breathing, slow their heart rate, and overall calm them down. You could present them with coloring materials to get creative. 

Relaxing outside is another option, just being able to lay back and breathe in fresh air. Maybe they like to read, and would want some downtime to read their favorite book or cartoon. You can also put on soft music for them to help calm them down. Maybe curate a playlist together with your child to ensure all their favorite songs are on there.

If your child is experiencing excited emotions, you can have them engage in something physical to release that energy inside of them. This could look like going to a nearby park to go run around outside or play a sport together!

 Maybe you could play soccer, throw a ball around, or make up a chasing game. Maybe you would be able to time them or watch them run around, if you are not a runner yourself. 

If any relatives are coming to visit, like grandparents, you can help engage them in activities to channel their excited emotions. Perhaps you can do arts and crafts to prepare for their arrival. This would look like making cards for someone they are excited to see, to channel their excitement in a positive way!

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How to Calm Down a Hyper Child: Have an arsenal of activities

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Have an arsenal of activities for your child to engage in! Understand what peaks their interest. Do they like architecture, where they build or construct their ideas? Legos or wooden blocks would be great to have handy. Maybe they love drawing and painting. Having an arts section for them to engage in is also a great idea! Whatever your child may be into, make sure to have some activities handy for them.

You can collaborate with your child to understand what activities they are wanting to engage in. There are some monthly subscriptions for children that provide them with new activities every week. You can also craft a box or section of the home dedicated to holding these activities for them. When you travel, allow them to take a few activities to keep them busy.

Make sure to provide them with different options and choices for what activities they can engage in. You can present them with puzzles, crafts, or learning activities. Having an arsenal of activities for them is pretty self explanatory. They will be able to constantly find something stimulating and engaging that they can have a fun time partaking in!

In the end, child therapy is a great way to assess why a child may be hyperactive. It could be due to needing a change in lifestyle, such as consuming less sugar, having more physical activity, or more mental stimulation.

 They would also be able to professionally assess whether or not your child has ADHD. From there, the child therapist and you can work together to do whatever is best for your child!

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