Teen Moodiness: What It Is and What to Do

You’re here as you’re wondering what is teen moodiness and what can parents do? Teen moodiness is when your teen may be exhibiting signs of frustration, irritability, sadness, or more. They may demonstrate moodiness by slamming doors, rolling their eyes, or verbally expressing being very upset or distressed.

As parents, you understand what it’s like to be a teen. They go through a lot of pressure in this time of their lives. To figure themselves out, as well as figure out their life in general. Friendships and relationships may be difficult for them at this time. Maybe they struggle with self confidence.

It could be that this is teenage angst with some normal hormonal changes. However, there are other reasons why your teen may be exhibiting this. It could be hormonal changes affecting their biology. They may be feeling pressure from multiple areas of their life: school, friends, family. Becoming a teenager is also a huge transition from adolescence as new changes and responsibilities can be overwhelming.

Being able to support your teen from the sidelines will make it easier for them. They will feel more comfortable expressing themselves and being able to share their experiences with you! Working with your teen to explore their moodiness together is a great way to help you bond and understand one another.

Teen therapy in Simi Valley, Ca, is a great place to begin for addressing teen moodiness.

Teen Moodiness: What It Is and What to Do: Understanding the cause of it

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As previously mentioned, there are a few potential causes for teen moodiness. It could be their natural biological period with hormonal changes. Hormonal changes can induce teens to feel moody and this can be normal. It could also be from pressure from themself, others, or other factors such as school. 

While being a teenager is an exciting time, as they may begin the transition to greater independence, it can be scary or lonely. They may struggle to establish a self-identity, for example. It’s unclear what they want to do with their lives, however that decision is being demanded of them in multiple settings (school, work, home).

Make sure to take the time to sit down with your teen to really understand the cause of it. They will be able to provide you with direct insight into what’s going on lately. Provide them with a safe, non judgmental environment to share their feelings. Avoid getting them in trouble if they are honest about something they normally would get in trouble for.

Family counseling in Simi Valley, Ca is a great way to ensure all family members feel supported and heard!

Teen Moodiness: What It Is and What to Do: Giving them space to experience these emotions

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Giving your teen space to experience the moodiness is really important. We want our teens to understand that it’s okay to experience these distressing emotions. It’s normal to experience this moodiness. And, they will survive through it and end up okay.

As parents, it’s normal that we may want to rush to help solve this problem for them. We may fret, panic, and really want to understand exactly what is going on with them. It’s expected that we are wanting to take the distressing feelings away from your teen.

However, it is essential that they learn how to sit with these feelings and cope with them in a healthy way. They need to understand that feelings are like waves – they get really big, they crash, but then they suddenly pass. 

Let your teen experience these emotions and get familiar with them. It would be good for them to identify and be aware of any bodily cues as well during these emotions. Do they feel their heart racing? Maybe a shortness of breath? Help them identify that maybe they are feeling anxious or irritated at that moment. Being able to identify and experience the emotions is the first step to overcoming them.

Therapy for teens in Simi Valley, Ca, helps provide teens with coping mechanisms for when moodiness gets the best of them.

Teen Moodiness: What It Is and What to Do: Being there for them emotionally and physically

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I get it, it can feel difficult to want to be there for your teen -especially if they are being sassy or giving you attitude. It may feel hard for you to not take their moodiness personally. You may think it feels unfair for your teen to give you an attitude. However, when you work together with your teen, things can change!

Teens strive for independence and want to feel and know that they can handle whatever comes their way. They may even feel frustrated if you try to help them or guide them too much. It’s important to firstly not take anything personally. Teen moodiness can be normal and will pass.

Be there for them emotionally and physically. Even if at times it feels like your teen could just bite your head off, ask how you can support them. Do they want to share anything with you? Are they in need of venting about anything? Could they be looking for advice in some domain?

To physically be there for your teen, it would look like being there to offer hugs, offer to help with homework, or just sitting next to them. There are many ways that you can be there for your teen. Connect with them to understand which ways may be most helpful for them. 

If you feel like there’s tension in the family, family counseling in Simi Valley can help everyone work as a unit to achieve goals together.

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