3 Ways to Reward Yourself As a Parent

You know that you give yourself less credit than you deserve. As a parent, it may just seem natural for everything you juggle. However, it’s important to remember that what you do is amazing! Whether it be balancing caring for your family, working, or more, you deserve a little reward here and there. You may wonder how you can reward yourself as a parent.

Parenting is not easy. With young children, you may feel overwhelmed at times. You may have doubts in yourself, in your abilities. You wonder if you’re making the right choices. This can all feel very stressful. 

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Giving yourself permission to relax may not come so easily. You balance out your household and family, constantly taking on responsibilities. Planning, cooking, cleaning, or playing, parenting takes a lot of effort. 

It’s time to incorporate self care into your schedule! This will help ease your stress, frustrations, and anxiety. Self care and time to yourself is essential in managing your mental health. Although we love to be with our families, sometimes we can use a break here and there.

Anxiety counseling in Simi Valley, Ca can help you create and maintain a schedule that works best for you.

3 Ways to Reward Yourself as a Parent: Food with friends or family

With balancing school schedules, appointments, or other obligations, you may have your hands full. Weeks get busy and fill up quickly, leaving you with little to no freetime. However, planning days ahead that you’d like to reserve for yourself.

Scheduling an intimate date night or friends meal out is also a great idea. Maybe you are lacking some intimacy or connection in your relationships as well. Being so busy and caught up with the kids, you may not be prioritizing that. Setting aside time to connect and check in is also crucial to do. 

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You could plan to go out to eat twice a month, for example. Whatever’s for dinner or lunch that day, you’ll have some time to unwind and enjoy. Ordering in take out is also an option as well to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re out at a bar with friends or at a restaurant with your partner, you can let go. Enjoy your delicious meals and have a nice time unwinding.

Also, make this night a time to talk about anything other than kids. I know you love them to smithereens, but it’s okay to relax. You left the family in trusting hands, and now you get to have some fun!

Anxiety therapy in person in Simi Valley, Ca, with a Simi Valley therapist, helps you recognize areas you can better support yourself.

3 Ways to Reward Yourself as a Parent: Incorporate self care

Self care is essential to our overall well being. We need breaks to pay attention to ourselves and our bodies. We may find ourselves putting others’ needs in front of our own. Without prioritizing our own needs, we can feel overwhelmed.

Self care can be a simple way to relax yourself. You can set aside an hour a day, at any point in the day, to take care of you. Whether that be morning meditation in solitude or unwinding in the bath with a glass of wine, you deserve it.

Going for a walk or jog alone to get some fresh air and exercise is a good idea. Moving your body around through dance, yoga, walking, or biking helps release that anxiety. Anxiety can leave us feeling cooped up and tired. We can physically release it by moving our bodies in some way.

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Other practices could be reading an enjoyable book, watching your favorite TV show/movie, or just taking a nap. Maybe you enjoy window shopping online for clothing or home furniture. Whatever relaxes you and leaves you feeling refreshed, it’s worth setting some time aside.

Maybe you could incorporate relaxing face masks a few nights a week. Anything that leaves you lying down, feeling good. Taking a break for a change, you know? Tuning into yourself and your emotions. Addressing your needs to manage anxiety. Taking care of yourself helps you take care of your mind and body. 

Anxiety counseling in Thousand Oaks, Ca, will give you the tools and coping mechanisms needed to navigate stress.

3 Ways to Reward Yourself as a Parent: Consider therapy

Parenting can bring a lot of stress and anxiety. You may be experiencing imposter syndrome on a regular basis. Feeling like you aren’t doing your role as a parent. You may be insecure about your abilities. It can be hard to recognize and bring forward areas of ourselves we should celebrate. 

Giving yourself the time and space to be vulnerable is a great way to relieve anxieties. We may have so many things building up on us at once. Bills, schedules, house responsibilities – it may feel like we are drowning. We feel we are struggling to manage everything.

By allowing yourself to trust in your therapist, you can release your inner tensions. You will be able to work on yourself to be the best version of yourself you can be. Talking about issues and present problems prevent them from building up inside of you. Coping mechanisms and tools help you self regulate and be present in the moment.

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You may be needing to work on forgiving yourself or others. Maybe you feel like you don’t really need therapy, but want to release some steam. Whatever the reason may be, someone is there to help you. Maybe you are considering child therapy for support in parenting.

Having a judgment-free safe space allows you to be yourself and release build up anger and tension. A lot can be going on for you as a parent. And it can be difficult to manage on your own. Short term or long term therapy will provide you with the strength and tools needed to manage anxiety. And focus more on balancing out yourself and your family. How to reward yourself as a parent is all up to what works best for you!

Whether you’re considering family therapy or anxiety therapy, Simi Psychological Group is here to help. 

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