Trauma Care Through Telehealth: Healing the Past and Building the Future

Anyone in the world may experience trauma at some point in their lives. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, when a traumatic event hits you, healing from it may be extremely difficult.

The thing is, there are so many barriers when it comes to healing – from seeking a professional to actually committing to therapy. It is not a one-night nor one-time thing, and it most definitely is not an easy task.

People with trauma are often experiencing anxiety and depressive symptoms, and so, it might take them some time to really take a step towards healing.

It is so easy to say “why are you not talking to a counselor or a therapist if you are traumatized with what happened?”

Well, it is because aside from their emotional and psychological circumstances, in-person therapy and treatment is not always attainable for everyone.

Can you imagine having to deal with transportation, and a new environment all while also dealing with trauma? For some, it is near impossible. Now, imagine if there was a way to receive therapy for your trauma all from the comfort of your own home.

At Simi Psychological Group, we can make that happen. With our team, of licensed trauma therapists located in Thousand Oaks, and the online therapy tool Telehealth, we can provide our clients with trauma therapy services directly to their homes.

To learn more about our trauma therapy services, speak with one of our therapists by calling (805) 842 -1994.

What Is Telehealth

In this new era, technology has already started playing a major role in our everyday lives, and so, it has also taken its place in the field of healthcare through telehealth.

Basically, we now have the ability to consult a professional and attend therapy sessions through the use of our telecommunication devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and/or computers.

It provides convenience in terms of locating a nearby professional, and if there are no available professionals near you or you don’t match with your current nearby counselor, you may choose professionals that are miles away from you without worrying about transportation.

It is also more convenient for individuals with physical disabilities, social phobias, and even for people with busy schedules due to work, childcare, and other family commitments.

Dealing With Trauma Through Telehealth

We are all used to getting the support and care that we need through face-to-face encounters, and now that we have telehealth, it might cause people to doubt its effectiveness in healing trauma.

The truth is, telehealth isn’t too much different than face to face therapy. The therapist and client are able to connect with one another in both formats. The most important thing is that the client feels that the therapist truly understands them.

As you might already know, trauma is extremely terrifying, and it can cause a person to have irrational thoughts and fears. Oftentimes, just going outside is already frightening for them.

It is also difficult for them to trust anybody, even trained professionals, especially if what they went through involved someone they trusted. Hence, it is important for them to find a professional that truly matches with them and can understand their needs.

A lot of other matters, conditions, and circumstances might also trigger their fears or might cause flashbacks of the traumatic event that they experienced.

Therefore, there are so many people with trauma who refuse to take necessary actions toward healing because they are scared of getting out there. Of being exposed to possible dangers.

But, with telehealth, they can find healing without being pressured to do the things they are not yet ready to do and find a professional who they think is really compatible with them even if they are miles away.

Telehealth is also a very comfortable and convenient way to keep consistent in therapy. You can do so from home or the office. It can reduce the barriers to get the help you need.

Online Therapy And Finding Healing

In order to find healing and move on from what we have experienced in the past, we must be willing to face challenges and take the necessary steps to recover.

Some people might feel the need for face-to-face therapy sessions, and they are free to do so if that is what they are more comfortable doing.

But, for some people, who are still struggling and are not yet comfortable in dealing with transportation and doing face-to-face consultations, telehealth and online therapy might be the best step to take as of the moment.

Once you find a professional who you think is compatible with you, you may set an online appointment with them to discuss the following:

● Your symptoms,
● Triggers,
● Medications (if you are already under medication),
● The treatment plan that will work best for you, and
● Your goals and objectives

The online therapy will be done through a video conference call and you may also send messages to your therapist or counselor.


There are so many barriers in getting the help that we need but they don’t have to be the reason why we don’t heal.

Dealing with trauma is difficult and it is extremely horrifying. Dealing with it on your own won’t help you recover and find the healing that you truly deserve.

If you are experiencing hindrances in seeking a professional, may it be due to location, your limitations, fears, or other circumstances, you may choose to do online therapy through Telehealth.

Simi Psychological Group is here to help you manage and cope with your past trauma. To speak with one of our certified trauma therapists in Thousand Oaks about beginning online therapy through Telehealth, call (805) 842 -1994.