My Simi Valley Yoga Experience at Ajna Urban Yoga

Ajna Urban yoga in Simi Valley is truly a calming, grounding, and beautiful yoga spot. Located at the far west end of Simi Town Center near Studio Movie Grill, this yoga studio has a unique charm that helps you check out of the day and into yourself. 

As you enter the studio you have a little spot to put your shoes on before entering the main yoga studio. Once you enter the studio you are taken away by the decor that is so peaceful and zen. Buddha statues and photographs surround the space with candles and greenery. I got a feel right away that this is a space for growth, centering, and mediation along with traditional yoga. 

As a practicing yogi for many years now, I’ve tried many yoga studios but this one truly has a special feel that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of life and into a designated spot just for YOU. 

Simi Valley therapist is practicing yoga at Ajna Urban Yoga

I took an anja warrior flow class with Meg and really enjoyed it. Her style was calming and warm. I appreciated her ability to help direct throughout the hour to return a special mantra or intention. I still have this mantra with me from class with Meg: “I am exactly where I am supposed to be.” One thing I noticed was that I was the younger one in the group which didn’t bother me much. Something to keep in mind is that there are variations in intensity within the different yoga classes offered at Ajna Urban Yoga. The one I attended was the more beginner or less intensity yoga.

Let’s talk a little more about the wonderful owner Annalise! She is such a kind, cool and high vibe woman.

She has a very genuine interest in you feeling comfortable in the space and growing from the experience of yoga and sound healing. 

I attended her sound bath and it was wowza incredible. It was her and another woman who played a variety of instruments and also sang the most spiritual grounded lyrics. It is really hard to not sink into the space and truly get encompassed by calm through the sound vibrations.

I found myself energetically lifted from a high energy calming sound and could really take in the intention of the sound bath that they so effortlessly planted in us prior to starting.

Beautiful sound bat set up in simi valley

They read a very detailed intention setting that spoke of the importance of allowing ourselves to shift from day to day, year to year, and allow for imperfections along with non judgemental growth. I loved it. 

She does have a lot of cozy blankets there! I would say to make sure to grab one. It does get colder in this studio then others I have experienced. The sound healing felt very intention and grounding. 

Simi Valley doesn’t have many yoga studios so we are incredibly lucky to have Ajna Urban Yoga available to us. There are so many benefits of yoga to our mind, bodies, and soul. 

As a licensed therapist I often recommend adding in supplemental ways of supporting your mental health and one of these are-you guessed it- yoga! 

Written by,

Donna Novak, Psy.D.

Therapist in Simi Valley, Ca

Licensed Psychologist and owner of Simi Psychological Group. At Simi Psychological Group we truly care about your growth and wellbeing. We offer therapy services including anxiety therapy, trauma therapy, marriage counseling, group therapy, child therapy, teen therapy, grief counseling and more in Simi Valley, Ca.