How to Handle Rejection

You’re here as you’re wanting to know how to handle rejection. It could be that you were rejected in some area of your life recently. Whether it be romantically, socially, or even in search of a job. Rejection is disappointing, and it’s easy to blame ourselves for it.

While rejection can feel like a major setback, it’s important to remain positive about it as well. We may feel discouraged after rejection. It’s easier to think, “what’s the point?”, rather than come up with the next game plan. We may even feel so discouraged that we give up completely.

However, when we maintain a positive attitude following the rejection, we keep a lot of doors open for ourselves. Our perspectives can really help influence us to be excited to continue to grow and find what’s best for you!

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It’s okay to feel discouraged, disappointed, or upset about something. How you process these difficult feelings, however, is important. You can develop the skills and coping mechanisms needed to overcome feelings of rejection. It may even leave you feeling stronger and more confident.

Building resiliency is a great way to handle rejection. You can build resilience in many ways, as described below, to help you adapt in the face of adversity. Another way is to embrace healthy thoughts and healthy thinking, through challenging negative thoughts. Finally, remain open minded for what more the future holds for you!

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How to Handle Rejection: Build resiliency

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Resiliency is defined as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or other significant sources of stress. Like relationship problems, family problems, workplace problems, or financial stressors. 

The way resiliency works is that you learn how to grow with these stressors. When you can control something, you face it head on. When you cannot control something, you just let it be and hope for the best. It’s also about having a mindset that these stressors will not shake or break you. You get to determine your fate, not your stressors.

You can build resilience in lots of different ways! Seek out people to surround yourself with that make you feel understood and heard. Prioritize making and maintaining relationships with people who can remind you that you are not alone in this situation. Someone you can spend time with when things feel defeating.

Take care of your mind and your body. Promote a positive lifestyle of staying hydrated constantly, eating nutritious meals, and moving your body around when you can. That can look like making time for a stroll in the park or a bike ride around the neighborhood. Ensure you are also getting plenty of sleep, as well.

Building and maintaining resiliency can feel like a breeze in anxiety therapy in Simi Valley, Ca. 

How to Handle Rejection: Embrace healthy thoughts

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How you utilize your perspective will make a big difference in your everyday life. It can be easy to be pessimistic – where everything and everyone sucks. It’s important that you actively engage in maintaining an optimistic, positive mindset. Even if it feels fake at first.

Countering negative thoughts can be difficult. They may flow so easily, and you may be so used to hearing them. The first step is identifying when these negative thoughts come up. What are they saying to you? Maybe they are insulting you, calling you a failure or not good enough?

Once you have identified the negative thought coming up, counter it with an opposite thought. This can look like directly responding to the thought in your head with, “No, that’s not true, I am good enough”. Counter everything with a positive thought about yourself. Advocate for yourself, stand up for yourself. Believe that you are truly deserving of feeling positive about yourself!

You can also practice positive affirmations or mantras on a regular basis. It may feel uncomfortable at first, if you have always had negative perceptions of yourself. Look in a mirror, and practice speaking kindly to yourself. Highlight your strengths, what you are proud of. 

If you recognize things you don’t like about yourself, view them as opportunities to grow, and not that you are stuck being like that forever. Maybe you want to put more effort into friendships. It could be that you want to make physical activity a priority throughout your week. Rather than shame yourself for faults, encourage yourself to set goals. Remember, two steps forward, one step back. It’s all a work in progress. 

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How to Handle Rejection: Remain open minded

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Whatever may have rejected you, remain open minded and look towards the future. It’s important to look at rejection with positivity, and that you are rejected for a reason. Let’s talk about jobs, for example. Suppose you have all of the right work experience and drive for a position. You have promising interviews in place, and feel like the job is yours.

But, things suddenly change, and you are ultimately rejected from being offered the job. While this is incredibly disappointing and you may even feel angry about it, try to remain open minded. What if this job wasn’t truly right for me? Maybe an even better job is on my horizon. I was rejected so that I could accept something better that I deserve.

It can be easy to feel like a failure and blame yourself for not getting that job you wanted. By catching your negative self talk while it’s going, you’re able to really put a halt on your self blaming. Maybe you feel rejected after going on a date with someone, and it didn’t end up working out. You can remain open minded to think, “Well, perhaps it wouldn’t have been the best fit for me, either”.

And amidst all of this, it’s important to remain mature and confident in yourself. You don’t need to put other people down to uplift yourself. For example, with a job rejection, you shouldn’t reply with, “I’m more deserving of bigger and better things anyway!”. Or from a failed date, to say, “You aren’t good enough for me anyway!”. That is not the point of being open minded, and that should not be done to others.

It’s strictly for you to believe these things within yourself in a healthy, positive, and calm manner. However, when things keep going wrong for us, it makes sense that you may continue to struggle with self belief and stress management.

Developing an open minded perspective is a great goal to have when coming to depression therapy in Simi Valley, Ca. 

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