3 Tips for Coping With Stress and Anxiety in College

College can be a stressful time in our lives. We need to balance academics, social life, jobs, and more. In order to work as a marine biologist or crime scene investigator, you need certain degrees. Even though you just want to learn about sea otters, you need to take like 3 chemistry courses. 

We can feel fatigued, worn out, and overwhelmed. You may question what you’re doing, and if you’re doing the right thing. Feelings of defeat may come from difficult classes. Questions of what you want to do with your life will come up. “Should I be taking this degree, this other one sounds easier”. 

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If we don’t address the stress and anxiety from college, it will take us over. We can get so blindsided by difficult assignments or having a hard time making friends. In turn, we may blame ourselves and wallow in that blame.

Although colleges usually have free mental health services like counseling, it takes more than that. We need to believe that we can do what we put our minds to. You are fully capable of your dreams! It takes hard work and dedication. But it will pay off.

Some days, you may wake up struggling to beat depression in the mornings. Procrastination takes over, leaving assignments unfinished. You try to push the stress away, and hit the snooze button. Then, you wake up, blaming yourself for doing an assignment so late. This cycle is dangerous to your mental health! 

Learn how to be the boss of your anxiety in college, right now. You don’t have to experience this stress and anxiety alone. College is definitely challenging. However, you can develop the tools needed to cope.

Be kind to yourself

It can feel so easy to beat ourselves up. To put ourselves down for something small and irrelevant. We may cringe at something that’s not even cringeworthy. Being hyper fixated on ourselves, we will judge ourselves more.

We can easily give into our negative self talk. We tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough. Constant comparisons to our peers. Judging ourselves for performance in school. Judging ourselves for being who we are.

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Be kind to yourself! Treat yourself with love and respect. College isn’t meant to be a race or competition. You are there at your own pace. Do what you can do on your own time. 

Think about some qualities you love about yourself. What is it that you’re proud of? It’s easier to think about what we don’t like about ourselves. And that negative dialogue running through your mind – just never seems to shut up!

Learn how to conquer your negative self talk. Thoughts come and go constantly. Just because we have certain thoughts, doesn’t mean they are true. With anxiety or depression, we experience an increased amount of negative thoughts. You don’t deserve to feel bad about yourself.

Be understanding with yourself. Comparing yourself to others will lead you directly to unhappiness. It’s okay if you didn’t master the first exam. It’s okay if you have to retake a class. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Relax your shoulders and unclench your jaw. Stress and anxiety can deeply affect us. Not only mentally, but physically and emotionally. 

Anxiety therapy near Simi Valley, Ca uses cognitive behavioral therapy to challenge your negative thought patterns. 

Plan accordingly

Stress and anxiety can come about easily in college. We can experience that surrounding tests, homework, and more. Registering for classes and knowing what courses to take. Keeping track of how many units left until graduation. 

Colleges have academic advisors available to help. I recommend that you schedule meetings with yours at least once a semester. This is to check in about school schedule and course load. You don’t want to take too many classes at once. You also don’t want to take less than you need. 

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Plan accordingly with all aspects of college. This can be done in multiple different ways. Consider getting a small planner that you can carry with you at all times. Something that will go with you to and from classes. You can write in assignments, notes, or more to keep track. 

You can also get a large calendar for your desk or wall. Make sure the boxes are big enough so you can write clearly. This calendar can be used for big assignment deadlines, like exams or final projects. 

Go through each class syllabus and fill the information out in your planner and calendar. This way, you can anticipate what to expect in the coming weeks. Learn what to do when you feel overwhelmed.

Set study dates and timelines for yourself to work on things. For example, essays. They can feel so overwhelming. However, if you just start writing, even if it’s not the greatest work you’ve done, you’ll get going. 

Small goals will help you achieve big things! Even writing just one paper a week will help save you time. Compare that to writing all 16 pages in one night, you know? You will thank yourself later.

Online anxiety therapy will help address your concerns to create a plan that’s right for you!

Find your people

Colleges will have clubs or groups you can join. They will also have athletics teams, ranging from rugby to water polo to softball. You could even join a Greek Life, if that’s your thing. This is a great way to socialize and put yourself out there.

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There are endless amounts of clubs you can join or start. Ranging from anime to gardening. Language clubs to dance. Social justice clubs to movie clubs. Whatever your interest may be, your college will most likely have a community for it. And if they don’t, consider starting one of your own!

Socializing doesn’t have to feel like a challenge. Compared to highschool, the mentality is much different. College is more professional and goal driven. It’s about thriving together to achieve your goals. Most classes will require teams or groups to get bigger projects done.

If you’re in the same class, you can study together and help each other learn. If you aren’t you can still spend time together quietly while you both independently study.

You may easily find friends within your own major. Chances are, you will be taking classes with almost the same people all 4 years. Common interests in hobbies or activities will come up in discourse – and it will be inevitable to find friends! 

Talking about starting your career or future plans is a great way to determine a healthy friendship. Hang around people who want to see both you and themselves thrive. Go out with people who genuinely care about you and want to make sure you’re safe. Befriend those who like the same things you like. 

Anxiety therapy near Simi Valley, Ca helps bring your inner strengths to the surface.

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Hey you, you got this. Don’t let anxiety and stress rob you of your joy. College is hard, but is also an amazing time in your life. All your hard work and dedication brought you here, don’t stop now! Keep pushing yourself. Help yourself out by planning school work and study times accordingly. Be kind to yourself. Find your support system. And just know, you can do this.

Simi Psychological Group will be here to support you!

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