Parent Support Group

You’ve noticed your teenager trying to find themselves for far too long...

You are concerned that they are getting too caught up in things that don’t matter

You know how difficult it is to deal with their over focus on social media but you’re not sure what to do. You are concerned for impacting your relationship any further as all you really want is to understand your teen and to feel close. You want your teen to know that they are supported and have guidance but you aren’t quite sure how to go about it.


No one could have predicted how difficult the teenage years would be. They are so caught up with their friends and figuring out fitting in that they don’t realize how special they really are.

As a parent you are made to constantly feel like you don’t get it no matter how hard you try. You are feeling overwhelmed and frankly, sometimes feel like throwing the towel. But, you know you can’t. And deep down, you know you don’t want to. All you really want is to be able to help your teen and feel close to them again. You want them to smile, share with you, and most importantly you want them to be happy.

Simi Psychological Group is here to help….

We recognize this undeniable need for parents to get the support they need to help their teens. And we believe that parents also need to know that they are not alone in this venture.

Simi Psychological group is offering a parenting support group for parents of pre-teen and teenagers (ages 12-17).

Group Details

Tuesdays 7pm-8:30pm
Start Date: 9/24
12 Week Group

What will be the structure of group?

We will have a topic to cover each group, however, will have time for check ins, Q&A, and parent support each group.

Group Dates & Topics:

  • September 24th: How to stay connected to your teen
  • October 1st: Helping your teen deal with anxiety and identity development
  • October 8th: Issues of bullying and cyberbullying. What to do and how to help
  • October 15th: Social media and ways to help your teen use it in constructive ways
  • October 22nd: How to monitor and deal with possible tobacco, alcohol and/or drug use
  • October 29th: Understanding peer relationships and your teens need to fit in. How to help.
  • November 5th: How to talk to your teen about sex and safety
  • November 12th: How to help your teen initiate and maintain good and healthy friendships
  • November 19th: Setting boundaries
  • December 3rd: Help your teen set goals, college talk, and future planning
  • December 10th: Balancing school, friends, and life
  • December 17th: Pizza Party, review, Q&A, and Check in about group

More About Simi Psychological Group

Facilitated by Reena Becerra, Ph.D. 

Registered Psychological Assistant PSB94024849

I believe that through self-compassion, inspiration and hope it is possible for anyone to reach their deepest and truest goals.

My focus is working with children, adolescents, and families that struggle with Anxiety, ADHD, Depression and relationship issues. I also have a strong passion for working with adults with a history of trauma. Healing, self-love and acceptance and growing through transformation, are all within reach. Learning to truly love and connect with one’s self and others is a true gift and it is my honor to be on this journey with you.