How to Be Nice to Yourself

It can be difficult to be nice to ourselves. We may constantly view ourselves as not good enough, failures, not pretty or handsome enough, or unsure of who we even are. Maybe we believe that there are no reasons to be nice to ourselves – that we do not deserve to be.

You’re wondering how to be nice to yourself. It can feel impossible at times. When struggling with depression or anxiety, for example, you may find this to be a big challenge. We are our own, biggest critics and haters. We can easily find things we dislike about ourselves and blow them out of proportion.

Maybe you need to know how to stop feeling guilty due to past mistakes we’ve made. It’s possible you have hurt someone in the past who no longer associates with you, and you feel that you deserve to tear yourself down because of that. What if you view yourself as not good enough, and undeserving of love?

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It’s a cruel world we live in these days. Racism, homophobia, sexism, bullying, and so much more. If you are experiencing any of those, it can be hard to believe in yourself. However, through it all, you got yourself – so make sure you love yourself. Being strong for yourself and not letting others words harm you is important in continuing your journey to self love. 

Being nice to ourselves doesn’t always come easy. We can’t just snap our fingers and expect us to be excited about living in our own bodies each day. You will experience harder days than others, where you feel unmotivated or unwilling to show yourself appreciation. 

But, today, try. Try for yourself. Be optimistic about change, and manifest that it will come to you. You – and only you – have the power to change how you view yourself. Don’t depend on exterior things, like other people, relationships, or social media likes/follows. Once you utilize that power, it’ll be hard to stop!

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How to Be Nice to Yourself: Stop making life a competition

Comparisons are the ultimate robber of our happiness. It feels like an almost unconscious habit to compare ourselves to others. What are they wearing today? Is that something I could afford? What did they just post? How come I don’t look like that? What job do they currently have? Gee, I wish I was in their spot.

Newsflash – you will not be able to match up exactly to someone else’s life. And I mean that in a good way. It’s not right to see how someone else is living, and try to match that to a T. Although you can definitely take life advice from them, and not to say you couldn’t achieve the same goals as them, or the same level of confidence, but you won’t be able to be them. You need to be you. And you are already awesome. Click here to read about how to love yourself!

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Life can feel like such a race sometimes. You want to obtain a college degree, however you feel like it’s far too late in life (incorrect). Maybe you want to go back and get your highschool GED, but you feel like at your age, it’s too late (false). By overscheduling yourself, you are trying to squeeze in volunteer hours or work hours to catch up to be on someone else’s level (will drain you). 

We need to take things at our own pace and realize that we are just enough in that moment. It’s okay if you feel behind on your life goals. Just take everything in one step at a time. Maybe you are wanting advice on how to get your career started.

It could be that you feel behind in makeup artistry or a hobby that requires many years of learning and mastering. You can start these things anytime you want! I encourage you to cut yourself some slack and be okay with where you are in the moment. The sooner you start, the sooner you can accomplish your goals.

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How to Be Nice to Yourself: Appreciate yourself on a regular basis

Sometimes, we can feel like our flaws are our failures. We may be unsatisfied with our body, our appearance, or that we are bad with handling our money. When we compare ourselves to others, we look back at ourselves with twice as much disdain than we originally did. 

Appreciating yourself on a regular basis can be simple! Think of things that make you feel relaxed or good about yourself. Could it be getting yourself that monthly book subscription? Maybe you have been wanting to get yourself that nice loungewear recently, but have been struggling to justify it.

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Take some time to be grateful for yourself and all that you do. Even if you think that you don’t do much, it’s worth appreciating. Anything from being able to do laundry in a timely manner to deep cleaning your bathroom is something that deserves recognition.

Your flaws are something worth appreciating. You may think otherwise, but there are so many things to appreciate yourself for. Take some time to understand yourself, what you get mad at yourself for over and over, and reflect on how you can change that.

You can show appreciation by getting yourself flowers, that one food or drink item you love, or even taking yourself for a walk on the beach. Practicing this appreciation will allow for it to foster and develop further into a consistent habit.

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How to Be Nice to Yourself: Work on your inner dialogue

You may have a repetitive inner dialogue of self-hatred or disdain. Maybe it looks like reminding yourself of all the mistakes you’ve made, all the reasons why you should hate yourself, or why you should want to be someone else.

We only have one body and one life, so we may as well appreciate the one we have! It’s true that it is difficult to go against negative self-talk. In all honesty, it may feel near impossible to fix. We are subconsciously always talking to ourselves and providing feedback on things, whether it be positive or negative. 

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When we put time and effort into practicing being kinder to ourselves, we can see real change happen. Countering our negative thoughts can be easier than it appears. When something comes up that makes us sigh and roll our eyes at ourselves, take time to approach it with mor understanding. 

This could look like holding that negative self-talk to come up with a rebuttal. Maybe you tell yourself, “ugh, I’m so stupid!”, you can comment back with, “No, I’m simply learning, I’m not ‘stupid’”. Be your own advocate, and give yourself some credit while you’re at it!

Being nice to yourself may not come easy, but it’s worth working for. You deserve to wake up every morning feeling full of love for yourself. Click here to read about 3 ways to conquer your negative self talk!

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