5 Benefits of Online Therapy for Anxiety

Are you considering online therapy for anxiety? You’re feeling anxious lately and decided to take the first step to get help. During this pandemic, it can be difficult to find a therapist who has availability and in-person sessions. Maybe you prefer to meet them in-person, but it may not be an option at the moment. Possibly, you are worried for your safety or the safety of a daily member. With in-person sessions, you can meet them face to face, hold eye contact while speaking, talk in real time, and meet at convenient times in your schedule.

Interestingly we are finding that our clients experience online therapy FOR ANXIETY with the same benefits!

You can still meet with therapists face to face, have eye contact, make important connections, and have sessions according to your availability. There are many benefits to online therapy. Contrary to belief, online therapy is actually just as effective as in-person therapy. It may even be a better choice to fit your lifestyle.

Not only does online therapy keep both you and your therapist safe and healthy, but it allows for you to see your therapist on your schedule. If you are feeling hesitant to start therapy, it is beneficial to look into some signs that it may be time to start anxiety therapy. Anxiety symptoms include feeling nervous, tense, or restless, having an impending sense of danger, or experiencing digestion issues amongst many others. 

Online therapy for anxiety provides flexibility to attend therapy from literally anywhere: your home, another city, and even in your bed. You don’t need to get ready for the day if you aren’t feeling it yet. Therapy is a safe space and a no-judgment zone. You could have just rolled out of bed and had your first cup of coffee and can start your session. As long as you are  ready to learn and work with in therapy, great progress can happen!

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Perhaps your anxiety plays out like this for you..

Recently, getting out of bed has been hard. You are anxious to face the day and complete your daily routine. With most things closed or having installed rules to maintain distance, it can be stressful to even consider leaving your house.

You have been feeling very anxious lately about your job. Unable to see your beloved family as they are high risk, which makes you more anxious. You and your friends have been social distancing, which makes you feel even more lonely. 

Even the thought of getting out of your house to browse in public seems to stress you out. You want to find someone to talk to, but most importantly, someone to listen to you and understand you. You have been going through a stressful time full of loneliness, anxiety, and you’re wanting to seek out the tools to change that.

The truth is, it’s not easy to get started in Online therapy For Anxiety. It can sometimes be nerve wracking.

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In anxiety therapy at Simi Psychological Group, our therapists specialize in anxiety therapy over online therapy to ensure that you are receiving the support you need. 

Not only can reaching out for anxiety therapy change your life, but it also benefits you and your time in many ways.

Taking the first step to seek out therapy is important. If you don’t do this, you miss out on the opportunity to find a therapist you feel comfortable with. When you feel connected to your therapist, therapy feels easy and less of a chore. 

5 Benefits of Online Therapy for Anxiety: Comfort of your home

With online anxiety therapy, you don’t need to worry about leaving your safe space. Whatever place makes you comfortable as long as it’s private, whether it be your home, a friend’s home, a family member’s home you can attend therapy. All you need is a strong and secure WiFi connection, confidential location, and to remain in one place.

A common stressor for starting online therapy is that people may feel more self conscious with the environment, or in general feel nervous to conduct therapy over a computer or tablet. However, we touch on these issues and want to make sure you’re feeling comfortable and confident. Our main concern is you, and making sure you know that you have the power to do this. 

Over time, you will likely feel less concerned about it and grow to be more comfortable using video platforms with your therapist. It may even become your preferred method of obtaining therapy services.

As your therapist, we are not evaluating you for anything other than what’s been going on. Our goal is to understand the root cause of your anxiety and make sure that we can address it properly and efficiently. There’s no need to feel like you are under a microscope being examined or judged, all we want to do is still connect; but from a distance. 

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5 Benefits of Online Therapy for Anxiety: Make real connections

Although you may think you develop better connections in-person, online anxiety therapy in Ventura County and Los Angeles county is actually just as effective. You are still able to create real connections with your therapist as you would in person. Although you are not sitting in the same room, you are virtually in the same place.

You have all the attention from the therapist. You are the main focus of the session, and your therapist will ensure you that they are in a private location where no one else can hear what you’re talking about. Our therapists are committed to providing you with a safe and comfortable space to talk about personal things. 

You and your therapist are still fully able to connect with each other, respond to your needs, and make desired changes over online therapy. There are no limitations or barriers to the great work and progress you can achieve.

5 Benefits of Online Therapy for Anxiety: Privacy

As noted before, our therapists using online therapy for anxiety treatment are committed to privacy and confidentiality. We use a platform called Telehealth to conduct our therapy services. Upon scheduling an appointment with us, we provide you a document with all the information on what Telehealth is and just how it maintains your privacy. This platform is compliant with HIPAA regulations and has been working out extremely well for ourselves and our clients. 

We always disclose to you our methods for going about therapy and how we use it. We will never leave you uninformed on what our video platform is or does, and will answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

Our team of therapists and psychologists work with online therapy with the same privacy as we would in person. We are behind closed doors in private rooms. We make sure that no one is around and that no one can hear you. At the moment, our offices are pretty quiet and empty, so that just adds to extra security benefits. We are offering online therapy in Los Angeles, Ventura County, and throughout California. 

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5 Benefits of Online Therapy for Anxiety: No need to plan out driving or car rides

It can be stressful to plan out exact leave times, wait for the clock to strike that moment, and get in your car. Busy roads and fast drivers can make you anxious to drive altogether. You have to set up your navigation system, look out for streets and buildings, and sometimes can get lost in traffic. It can be stressful if you pass by your office and show up five minute late to a session. There also may be parking complications which can make you feel even more stressed out. 

You also don’t need to worry about these things with online therapy! No need to worry about traffic, busy roads or transportation. You have the power to attend therapy from wherever you are most comfortable. 

5 Benefits of Online Therapy for Anxiety: Stay relaxed 

Online anxiety therapy provides the flexibility to keep you relaxed. You can still plan to watch a movie, go for a nice walk, or plan in some much needed self-care time. You don’t need to worry about commuting to and from the therapist’s office. 

Upon finding the right therapist that best fits you and your needs, you may realize that their office is not quite in your area. You can feel relaxed knowing that you are able to stay wherever you want. Find a spot you are comfortable staying in for the entire session and go from there. 

Right after online therapy sessions, you have the opportunity to immediately begin work on incorporating tools and other coping mechanisms with your anxiety. You are able to retain what you two have discussed and take some time after your session to focus on it; rather than having to get in the car, consider your route home for the day, and what chores you have yet to complete – which can delay you in taking that information in. 

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With online therapy, you have the benefits of joining sessions from a safe and comfortable space, have ease of mind knowing that your sessions are private and confidential, and that you have full control over when you see your therapist. Our online therapists offer online therapy in Los Angeles, online therapy in Ventura County, and throughout California! We work around your schedule to ensure that you receive the support you need for your anxiety.

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