3 Ways to Deepen Your Relationship

You’re here because you’re wanting to understand ways to deepen your relationship. You love your relationship, and want to continue strengthening your bond as much as possible! It’s true that sometimes, relationships can feel out of balance. One day, you and your partner may be experiencing different moods. The next day, you and your partner align perfectly.

It’s important to you that even when you and your partner may be on different pages, both of you still feel supported. Loved for. Cared for. Thought about. Your relationship may have been rocky here and there. Perhaps both of you have been putting in a lot of effort to resolve some sort of issue.

Deepening your connection in your relationship can be very simple! It just takes some awareness, self insight, and dedication. Relationships are a two-way street, requiring effort from both partners. When we lack putting in the effort, the effects can be evident. Our partner may feel that their needs aren’t being met, for example.

If you are unsure of where to begin with deepening your relationship, consider couples counseling! Couples therapists offer a safe space for both you and your partner to discuss your needs and expectations. From there, the therapist can help you come up with goals for the relationship, and find ways to better understand each other.

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3 Ways to Deepen Your Relationship: Check in everyday

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Make it a point to check in with each other everyday. As time goes on together, it may not feel as important for you to do so. You may feel like you can read your partner like an open book, where you don’t need to ask any questions. 

You can ask them questions, or simply go in for a big hug. Feeling secure, safe, and comfortable is a top priority for you and your partner. Provide space for both of you to obtain a better understanding of any stressors or current needs. Being curious and asking questions is an opportunity to offer support in time of need.

However, checking in with each other is very important to strengthen your bond. Checking in provides you with a number of opportunities to connect with each other. Simply check in by asking how they slept, how they’re feeling, or how their day was. 

Check in at various times throughout the day, but definitely at the end of each day. This allows your partner space to reflect on any stressors, or even good things, that they experienced. Show curiosity about their life outside of the relationship. What was the best part of their day, what was the worst? Checking in with your partner also allows for you to ensure you are on the same page. Communication wise, for example. You want to make sure that you and your partner are continuing to express yourselves in positive, healthy ways. 

Alongside asking questions, you can offer simple support to them. In the mornings, for example, you can offer them words of encouragement. “Today is going to be an amazing day for you. I know you will achieve great things”, or “I’m supporting you from afar today, you got this!”. 

Overall, make sure to check in, stay curious, and stay supportive! It can be a great way to deepen your relationship and connect with one another.

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3 Ways to Deepen Your Relationship: Make time to connect

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Ensure that you and your partner are making time to connect with one another. A way to do this is to sit down together and brainstorm ideas. Creating a list of activities you want to do, or, create a list of places you want to visit together.

Life can be so busy, and it’s certain that you may not have had a lot of time to do what you’re wanting to do. You may not have been able to go on that getaway you have been dreaming about. However, by putting in effort to plan it out, you can really make it happen!

Time to connect could come in many different forms. It could look like setting a date night once a month. A dinner, a movie, or going out for drinks is one idea. Maybe even scheduling a get away twice a year. Even for just a weekend, you and your partner can make the most of it. 

Setting time for just the two of you will keep things exciting. Another great idea would be for one partner to be assigned one day of the month to plan an entire day-trip. This could look like having them pick the food, place, and activity for the day. The next month, it will be your turn to make a meaningful day for yourselves.

You can look at it on a smaller level, too. Are there some gaps in your schedules that you can plan to take a nice walk around the neighborhood together? Maybe even just getting away for a drive? Connecting with each other doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend money. You can experience quality time together for free. 

Making time to connect looks different for every relationship. It can take some figuring out to balance work, social, school, family, and your own personal downtime. Therefore, ensure you are having conversations on how to prioritize quality time together. 

By planning out time to connect with one another, you have exciting moments to look forward to! Whether it’s quietly reading in a park together, or exploring the city, you have memories to make.

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3 Ways to Deepen Your Relationship: Express gratitude

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Expressing gratitude for each other serves as a huge recognition for you and your partner. Oftentimes, we may miss out on opportunities to share gratitude with one another. Perhaps we go straight to complaining or venting about our day.

We may acknowledge things that upset us rather than bring us gratitude. Maybe you’re frustrated that the trash has not been taken out yet, or that there were dishes piled up in the sink. You may feel annoyed by this, and instantly go straight to complaining about that. 

However, it could be that your partner helped out in some other way. Perhaps your partner was able to walk the dog, or dust the room instead. It can be so easy to blame your partner for things. It can also be so easy to acknowledge and thank them for others!

Take the time to express gratitude for them, even in moments when you don’t feel very grateful. It serves as a reminder that you are appreciative of them. Showing gratitude can be done in words or actions.

You can directly recognize what your partner did that made you grateful. “I’m so grateful that you took the time to organize the living room.”, or “I’m so grateful that you went grocery shopping today”. Perhaps you can leave them a sweet note expressing gratitude and love for them. Another way to express gratitude is to let them know that you’re just grateful, in general.

Making your partner feel loved and appreciated, creates space for that to be reciprocated. It feels good to be appreciated. And it feels good to feel appreciated as well. Really take the time to check in, make time to connect, and express gratitude for each other. And watch your bond grow deeper!

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