5 Key Factors in Finding a Simi Valley Trauma Therapist

You’ve been thinking about it for a while but you’re not sure where to begin to find a trauma therapist in Simi Valley. The process of asking for help can be so overwhelming that it’s easy to put off, avoid, and delay…until the pain becomes almost unbearable. Maybe it’s the flashbacks that have interrupted your days and ability to focus, or the nightmares, or the crippling anxiety that finally convinced you it’s time. Whatever that final straw was that pushed you past your fears and into action, you’re one step closer to overcoming your trauma and creating the life you deserve.

To assist you in your search, here are 5 key factors in finding a good trauma therapist in Simi Valley.

➔ The first key to finding a trauma therapist in Simi Valley? Ask around!

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Perhaps one of the best places to start your search for a trauma therapist is to ask friends, family, or a trusted professional such as your primary care doctor. Anyone who has had a good experience of their own with a mental health provider will be happy to share that referral. And primary care providers usually have a solid list of therapists they’ve worked with or are familiar with and can give you names and numbers.

Getting referrals this way can ease the anxiety because you learn firsthand a little bit more about what your friends or family liked about their therapist. Primary care doctors may also know more about particular areas of specialty within the community and may be able to point you in the right direction specifically for a trauma therapist in Simi Valley.

➔ The second key factor is to check out those websites! What do you see?

Looking at the website of any potential provider can be tremendously helpful. What are they all about? What does their mission statement say? What resources do they offer? You can really get a good sense of a particular group by looking into these things.

At Simi Psychological Group, our mission is to get to the root of your struggles so you can create lasting change and build the life you deserve.

We understand that symptoms tell a story and we’re here to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together. We believe that given the opportunity, you have full control to develop the life you want, which has a ripple effect that extends into our community and the world. When a therapy practice’s mission statement resonates with you it usually speaks to that practice’s therapeutic style and indicates it’s a good fit for you.

Checking out a practice’s website also allows you to explore the services they have to offer and learn more about the therapists and psychologists who practice there. Simi Psychological Group offers individual therapy and group counseling for a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, and trauma therapy.  Our dedicated professionals are experienced and well-informed trauma therapists who are here to help you in your healing journey.

➔ Third, when looking for a trauma therapist in Simi Valley, consider what YOU want!

Are you looking for online therapy or in-person?  Do you prefer a male or a female? Is there a particular method of treatment or therapy style you have in mind? There are times when these things matter a great deal when you’re trying to find the right fit for you, especially if you are new to therapy or you’re feeling nervous about getting the process started. Feeling comfortable with your therapist is essential to building rapport and establishing trust.

Our therapists in Simi Valley understand that finding the right trauma therapist can make all the difference. When you’ve experienced a trauma, it often feels like no one “gets it.” You may feel very isolated and alone. You may feel hopeless and overwhelmed, or like it’ll never get better. But our trauma therapists are here to walk with you in that journey and support your healing process.

You’ll be in a safe space where you will be supported, heard, and understood.

We use a combination of interpersonal process therapy, family systems, and cognitive-behavioral techniques. These techniques work to help you meet your goals. Our therapists tailor each therapeutic experience to meet your individual needs. They will work with you to help plan out the best route of treatment in order to help you gain coping skills and mechanisms to use in trauma therapy and outside of therapy.

➔ The fourth key factor is one of the best! And it’s FREE! Ask for that consultation and trust your gut.

Most mental health and trauma therapists in Simi Valley offer free consultations in order to help support you in getting your questions answered. This is a great opportunity to get a feel for the person on the other end of the phone and the way they approach the therapy process. How are they able to help you on your healing journey ahead? You may want to have some questions prepared ahead of time, but don’t stress if you’re not sure what to ask. Most practices are set up to answer common questions and give you the information you need to get going.

Simi Psychological Group can assist you in finding the answers to any questions you may have and help bring peace of mind to the process.

Utilizing the free consult will help ensure that this therapist is the right fit for you. Processing trauma can be a lot and you want to have a good connection and feel safe with the therapist you choose. Although you may or may not be digging into the trauma within the first few sessions, you will likely get a sense of whether the therapist feels like a good fit. Sometimes this process takes a couple of sessions, so don’t panic if it’s not instantaneous. It may be that it’s hard to open up and talk in general and you just need some time. It is important to check in with yourself and ultimately trust your gut as to whether or not you see yourself feeling safe with the therapist you are working with.

➔ And finally, hang on to hope! Healing is possible and you are not alone.

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As you search for a trauma therapist in Simi Valley, please know that you don’t have to carry the weight of your trauma alone. A trauma therapist can provide the support and guidance to help you heal the wounds of your past. Together, you can learn valuable coping skills and move on with your life.

Our goal at Simi Valley Psychological group is to help you navigate your everyday life more comfortably and with more confidence.

You will work with professional trauma therapists dedicated to providing an environment where you can feel vulnerable, and you’ll have an individual space to share your story.

When you’re ready to take that step toward the life you deserve, contact us today. Our team of therapists at Simi Psychological Group are here to support you with anxiety treatment, trauma therapy, and more. Reach out today for a free consultation at (805) 842-1994.