Jonathan Bilal Abdullah, Ed. D, AMFT

Associate Therapist and Family Therapist in Simi Valley


I’m jonathan Bilal Abdullah

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

You have been through many difficult moments in your life especially lately and you are ready for something to shift. You are ready to heal, recover, and truly live your life more grounded and connected to what matters most to you. You are seeking to learn new ways to cope and enhance your overall wellness. You know that by investing into doing things differently with more internal love, kindness, and with some guidance you can make real lasting change in your life. You are truly ready to experience more joy. Now is the time to start the courageous journey of growth and self-compassion.

We will work together to make these true shifts through mindfulness, strategic tools, and using our safe therapy space for self exploration and understanding. You want to be seen fully for the unique and valued person you truly are. We will leverage your talents and strengths to make the complex issues you face not only less burdensome but something you feel much more empowered to face.

For a growing young person, the need for self-exploration and understanding is especially important. Children and teenagers are often challenged by new experiences and social pressures that make it difficult to fully gain self acceptance and appreciation for individual uniqueness. With children and teens, the foundation of our work will be grounded in the development of self love, healthy behaviors, emotional awareness, and true understanding that they have an ability to achieve the goals they want for their life. I also know the importance of working with the entire family and working with you, the parents, as an integral part of our growth journey together.

I am dedicated to helping you connect with your highest self; the self that is loving, kind, and challenges limits so you can grow into who you truly are meant to be. I believe that your wellness will empower you to thrive in your relationships and help you live a more balanced grounded life. I am inspired by my experiences and opportunities in working with children, teens, and their families. I understand the importance of highlighting the strengths of families I work with. In doing so, I work with families to truly understand them and not only help them get by I want to help them thrive. Our family relationships are ever changing and growing and it is my honor to help your family in connecting and growing with one another.

I am a culturally sensitive and aware clinician ready to truly understand who you are. I will honor who you are and how your life experiences have created purpose in your life. It is a joy to create a safe space for you to gain greater self-awareness and practice self compassion and love. It is an honor to be a part of your journey.

My Therapy Specialties Include:

Child, Teen and Family Therapy

Trauma & Anxiety Therapy

Couples Therapy

In Therapy

In therapy, I practice mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy. I start with a simple goal: developing an understanding of who you are to make sure you feel comfortable being your authentic unfiltered self. Understanding who you are, where you come from, and what life experiences brought you to this point, is an essential part of helping you to recognize your strengths, uniqueness, and areas you’d like to grow.

I maintain a healthy safe space for you to explore and observe how your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors create meaning in your life. I support you as a trusted guide by demonstrating mindfulness behavioral attributes, non-judgment, patience, acceptance, and gratitude for your courage to be fully invested in your well-being. It’s an honor to provide you with high-quality care as a fulfillment of my life purpose as a psychotherapist. With my background in education and passion for learning, I make a big effort in helping you understand what may be happening for you and learning ways to help yourself feel empowered in your life.

In working with those who endure the overwhelming life stressors that cause anxiety, I provide connection, education and facilitate the practice of mindfulness to help my clients recognize what happens in their bodies and learn ways to build their effectiveness at managing difficult emotions.

I honor courageous trauma survivors with empathetic acknowledgement of their suffering. I facilitate the healing process through cognitive processing therapy to fully discover the source of harm and integrate narrative therapeutic techniques to help you transform. I thrive on helping couples build, rebuild, and reimagine their relationships through difficult conflicts, communication challenges, and breaches of trust or commitment. I practice using Gottman’s Method of couple counseling to help you understand how to construct a sound relationship house that meets your needs and fulfills your desires.

In working with children and teens, I recognize the beautiful and unique stage of their development. I find the biggest need as a therapist to help my younger clients thrive is to allow them space to fully be themselves. This means playing games, drawing, cracking jokes etc. By allowing kids and teens to be themselves, I am then able to help them feel safe discussing or exploring more difficult topics and emotions they face.

Education and Background

I am honored to be a graduate of the Pepperdine, CA University Graduate School of Education & Psychology with my Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. I completed my Education Doctorate in Adult Education & Human Resource Development at the Florida International University in Miami, Florida after completing my Master of Science degree in the same field of study. I have a professional certification in Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building I completed at the Florida International University. I completed my Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting at the University of Phoenix. I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I am a Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator through Mindful Leader. I have my Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, and Virtual Coaching Specialist credentials from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

As a Doctor of Education and an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, I have invested purposely and significantly to develop the professional and clinical skills to ensure I provide my clients best in the field of overall mental health care. I am excited and honored to get to work with you and your family.

Located in Simi Valley, CA

I also serve Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Northridge, Porter Ranch and the surrounding communities.

Now offering online therapy in los angeles, ventura county and throughout California