Cinthia Ferreira Miller, AMFT

Associate Therapist in Simi Valley


I’m Cinthia Ferreira-Miller, AMFT

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 116994

Maybe you, or someone in your family, may be feeling a heaviness that comes with life. You may feel as if you are stuck in a space where you don’t know how to get out. You may be struggling with various stressors, feelings of hopelessness, and wonder when things are going to get better. It may even feel impossible for you to create life-giving changes so you may become the best version of yourself. I know seeking out help can be really unsettling and intimidating, and I hope to sit with you with these big emotions and decisions. I am honored to play a role in your journey. My hope for you is that you feel safe and listened to as you share your story with me.

I understand what it’s like being on your end, resulting in my deepest respect for you in seeking out help. I invite you to come as you are. We will move at your pace. I will provide you with encouragement so you may seek out the answers to the various questions you may be struggling with. I will create a space for you to feel welcomed, seen, and understood. My passions include working with children, adolescents, individual adults, families, and couples who may be facing difficulty with experiences with anxiety, depression, trauma, or any transitional periods. From those I have had the honor of working with, I have seen them develop coping skills, gain awareness of themselves and what they wish to accomplish in life. Those who have been affected by trauma, I have seen hope begin to develop as they processed their hardships. You will have someone on your side who is wanting to help you overcome your own adversaries so you may live a healthier and happier life.

My work with children and teens always includes the parents, as well. I would like to provide you with support and encouragement throughout the process. I also provide resources to parents so they gain further knowledge on how to best help their child, the family, and even themselves. Seeing the child and their family seek out change and instill those changes are truly inspirational to me. I strive to build a close therapeutic relationship with my clients by being gentle, non-judgemental, and supportive throughout the sessions. We will work together as a team so that you can continue to feel comfortable with sharing your story with me.

My Therapy Specialties Include:

Child, Teen & Family Therapy
Christian Counseling
Anxiety Therapy

In Therapy

Firstly, my main goal within the sessions is for you to feel comfortable, safe, and listened to throughout our time together. I want you to feel your time is being respected and appreciated. I encourage you to be empowered to share what’s truly on your mind. I invite you to share with me your uniqueness, your struggles, and what your hopes are for our time together and beyond. We will explore what areas in your life you feel need more support and guidance.

Alongside my work with children and adolescents, I understand that the process of seeing me can be a bit awkward and weird. I see that, and I work alongside them so they may sense the safety and ease of meeting for each session. I explore with them their current experiences that make them unique, and aid them in adopting healthy coping skills and thought processes that can encourage healthier and happier lifestyles.

From a family systems approach, I do my best to include various members within someone’s support system. This will allow for everyone to benefit from the therapeutic process, gain support, and understanding for some of the hiccups you may have experienced throughout life. Some other modalities that I use include cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, narrative therapy, family systems, emotion-focused therapy, and Christian counseling. In doing so, you can feel that your therapy session is tailored to you and your needs.

I believe in treating everyone with positive unconditional regard and allowing you the freedom to explore the possible approaches to best reach your goals. I believe that individuals are shaped by their experiences, as well as their interactions with the significant people and systems in their lives. I encourage consultations with teachers, physicians, and other professionals to provide holistic care for each client. 

Education and Background

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Vanguard University of Southern California. During my undergraduate studies, I was a teacher’s assistant for a psychology professor and volunteered at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange, CA. I received a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology emphasizing in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a focus on trauma theories. Throughout my professional career, I have worked in various clinical settings where I have had the privilege of working with a variety of clients. A greater portion of my experience is with children, adolescents, families, at-risk populations, and people who have experienced trauma. I am fluent in Spanish and have provided services to Latino families. I’ve facilitated parenting groups for families interested in gaining positive parenting techniques and support. Finally, I also have enjoyed including faith into sessions when requested by the client.